To all the DAD’s in the house!👨‍🦰

I want you to meet Kevin.

He is a father of four under the age of four.

He leaves his home for 10-12 hours each day of the week. M-F

On weekends he cherishes his times with the kids and takes care of 5 acres with 7 chickens, 2 dogs, one bunny and soon to be added to the mix a donkey and goats.

He has a wife who stays home with the kids and needs breaks when he walks in the door at night.

He has no extra time. A workout would noramally be at the bottom of his to do list.

But, he also knows that high blood pressure and heart disease runs in his genes. He knows that although he has a physical job it does not get his heart rate up to a place it needs to be daily.

He knows that he wants to do anything and everything in his power to be a healthy role model for his kids. He wants to put the odds FOR him to live a LONG healthy life.

He knows in order to do this he needs to invest a little bit. 20 minutes a day in fact.

He doesn’t need to leave the house. He doesn’t need to spend a fortune on a gym membership. He doesn’t need to spend hours on end to get his heart in check.

He needs to just make a point to get up 20 minutes early. Hit play. Move his body. Get in his superfoods on the go- out the door.

He knows that these little things add up. He doesn’t do this to be thin he does this TO LIVE A LONG life.

It might not save him in the end….it might not…but you know what? He will always know he gave it his very best for himself and for his family.

That my friends, that is all we can do. We can put the odds for us. Give it our best every day. And mentally and physically- IT WILL pay off.

(and it does help to have a little push from his wife)

THIS IS NOT JUST FOR STAY AT HOME MOMS…this is for dads….grandparents….working moms…busy families…busy people…this is for you…for the one who wants to get healthy but does not want to dedicate thousands and hours of time…this is for YOU! Men, women, children….Grandmas , grandpas, uncles and aunts…..its for you! This is your year!

IF KEVIN can make time…..SO CAN YOU!

Hugs, the Graffin’s

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