Are u a quitter like me🙋


“I already tried that and it never worked for me.”

🙋Do these words sound familiar to you? 🤦‍♀️How many times have you started and stopped something?

🤢How many different ways have you tried to get healthier and lose weight or gain energy and it never worked?

🙈Yes, I admit it. I am a recovering QUITTER!! I started no carb- I quit

I started new workout programs – then quit

I stopped eating gluten- quit

I stopped dairy- quit

I started and stopped more “diets” in my life than I can count.

I lost weight sometimes only to gain it back and then some.

🧚‍♀️There is no pill- there is no drink – there is no magic recipe for you to get in your best health. It takes hard work. It takes discipline – but what it takes the most of ….NOT QUITTING.

I would sit and cry😥 – I would sit and talk myself out of it….i would – when I didn’t see immediate results I would just want to quit,

😎Until this…this time I had a push from other people who wanted to quit too and didn’t. I had a push and something changed in me. I finally said- I AM NOT QUITTING another thing! I am going to start this and see it through! FINALLY- I just set my mind on it and there was NO OTHER OPTION.

When you go in ALL THE WAY and give it EVERYTHING YOU GOT- you WILL NOT won’t. You give me 100% I will stick with you ALL THE WAY until we slay those goals!

You ready?🙌🙌🙌

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