I am who I am

🙋I am sure to you it looks like all I do is work out and cook, right?

Lol- I know but you see such a small fragment of my life you guys….i show you things that are important to me but I don’t share everything…nor would you want me too. But there are a few things about me you might be interested in…

1. My sign is cancer which means I am a home body but I love people.

2. I lived in a big city for 17 years until just recently moving to a much smaller community.. 3. I have four kids on earth – 2 sets of twins- and one angel baby in heaven.

4. My favorite food in the whole world is popcorn and licorice in a huge bowl together.

5. I love to paint and refinish old furniture.

6. I am studying now two courses to better my knowledge in health and fitness.

7. I have 2 dogs 7 chickens one bunny and hoping to get a donkey in the spring.

8. I owned a small salon for almost 10 years.

9. I am a certified Zumba, WERQ ,yoga ,PIYO, pilates and Group Fitness Instructor.

10. I am writing one book (hope to complete by spring) and just finished one that is now in editing.

11. On date nights with the hubs I like to go to Tiny old supperclubs

12. I started taking guitar lessons in 2013.

13. I am not good at guitar but still play for the kids

14. My dream is to have horses and a trailer to ride all over WI.

15. I grew up in a very small town.. population 900.

16. I am related to everyone in that town. -lol droessler proud

17. I LOVE, LOVE helping other people succeed.

18. I attempted school for dental hygiene, physical therapy and occupational therapy. I still wish I would have finished PT.

19. I am a Sunday school teacher.

20. Discovering nature, reading and singing are my favorite things to do with the family.

🤓That is me…not just working out and eating healthy all day eryday- 😎I am just like you….and I have to make time for health just like you too. I balance it in just like you can. I will help ya…its my thang😘😘 hugs, Ad

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