Run challenge!!

Or walking!


Our next challenge is in full force ya’ll!!

Our challengers are killing it this round and we know they will be thirsty for more! We are doing BIGGER AND BETTER things for THOSE peeps in our group and FOR YOU who will be joining!!

A RUN CHALLENGE…you heard it right!

We will have set days you will run at home or outside and then have workouts to strengthen your core and glutes to keep you going!

Our performance products and Meal Plan will give you the tools and energy FOR SUCCESS!!

That with also a copy of my latest book #eat2LIVE and you will be sure to have goals met in NO TIME!!

get in on this NOW ya’ll for half off our performance line!

This is an ongiong group!! yippy! we are training together…..IF YOU WANT to go all the way to MAY with us for our half marathon or if you just want to get your BUTT OF THE COUCH and run 1 MILE this program is gonna be for EVERYONE!!

pm me now for the deets! or just say HOLLA in the comments and I will reach out!

yay- ad

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