Why do I feel as though I am #killinit 🤓

When u finally believe it #killinit

In class today I was thinking this… how did I get so damn lucky to have this class @highvibe? This full class with these amazing women who were literally kicking a$$. I thought in the middle of the class how grateful and lucky I am- how blessed that I am doing what I love but not just that.

I am blessed because I could see the fire in ALL of their eyes! I could see the confidence boost while they were kicking and punching their hearts out! I could feel it in my soul that I was making a difference in their lives BUT little did they know that THEY were making such a huge impact in my life! Today I felt like I was finally for the first time in my life #killingit

See, before all my trials in life before the blood sweat and tears I thought workouts were for vanity and that is all I ever got from it…. fast forward my 10 plus years in the groupfitness world and my entire vision on a workout has changed…. for me it is NOW about health and love and full lives physically and mentally. It is about helping women and men and KIDs know they can do it! It is about making one person feel confident and good inside so they can leave my class and make another person and another person and another person feel good….

it’s a domino effect ya’ll… helping ONE person can change the world and that’s what imma bout to do❤️ ☝️person at a time

When you start to use your heart to lead you and you start to genuinely care about other people and their fights their battles their victories that is when the magic in this life starts to happen

Hugs, your friend in health, Addie

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