Well, I finally did it💃

Here’s what…….Don’t be upset or annoyed at ladies or guys going out of their comfort zone to build something…

DO you know why they are trying to “build” it?? 99 percent of the time they are busting their butts so they can stay home with their kids…and so they can have freedom…or maybe they feel like they don’t belong anywhere else so they want to start their own thing…..or maybe they are struggling to pay bills…..or maybe they just need something else…..maybe they TRULY believe in their product and just have such a passion to share…..maybe they don’t have the best education but they want to BE SOMETHING BETTER AND BIGGER than they were told they could be…..maybe they just want to create a name for themselves instead of living in the shadow of others.

NO MATTER what it is and no matter who— please support these entrepreneurs, these strong women and men who are totally putting themselves out there – putting themselves in the fire of judgment and risking a LOT to be something that they know deep in their hearts that they can be. If you can’t support its OK but even sharing their posts or telling people about them HELPS! If you are buying products like theirs anyway—make up— protein shakes— energy drinks—- workout videos— shampoos—jewelry— undergarments—–kids bathing products—food— bags— clothes—-maybe a book they wrote or anything else that someone local is selling—help them out if you can ……

Encourage those who go out of their comfort zone because trust me it IS SO fricken scarey to do this and wonder “what people are thinking” – but I have learn to realize what other people are thinking of me is none of my business, really.

I wrote this book! I finally did it. I have no idea if it will sell at all. I have no clue. It is just a little mini book and I am just so proud of myself for finishing it! SO PROUD!! I hope the courage I have learned will help me to be brave enough to publish my next book this fall about what goes on in these four walls of my home for an entire YEAR! –

For now this mini book is a milestone for me. A real milestone. I have sold 3 copies so far. THREE and 2 of them were my aunts. I honestly did not do this for the money or the copies sold- I did this for the YES! You can do anything if you put your mind to it!

A huge thank you to my girl- my friend- my editor Paige Tangen for all of her help. Her smarts and her push- without her this would not have happened and without her the next one won’t either! So glad God put you in my corner, girl!

hugs, your friend in health, Ad

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