GALs rising retreats!🤗

It’s that type of relationship that doesn’t need a lot of explaining to one another. We just get it. We click. If I am late or not pulling my weight with something they don’t ask they just do. If they are feeling in need of a pep talk we all feel it and stop everything we are doing to raise em up.

Almost 2 years ago the meetings were just for coffee and our goal was only to help one another with our entrepreneurial minds. We knew we wanted to help other women like us but we were unsure how. We did’t worry or think much about how it just all kind of happened- fell into place.

Our coffee dates turned into something. A weekend for Women wanting to be surrounded by other supportive women. That is what we were seeking. All on some kind of a journey, some serious some just seeking relationships.

At the end of the day though- are we not all seeking those easy relationships. The one’s that are not too complicated- don’t ask too many questions unless they feel you need them too? Know when you need a lift and know when you need space? Are we not all seeking those people in our lives that can make it a little lighter? A little easier. If you go face down they feel it and they pick you up without asking. If you are on top they feel it and they cheer you on because they are genuinely happy for you.

I use to see other women surrounded by friends. I use to want it so bad but was unsure why I did not have it. I now have that. I now feel like I really have a great surrounding. I don’t think it happened on accident. I think the energy you put out will always come back to you.

Today I am feeling all the feels. Nervous, excited, relief, hope, love, courage! Today starts a new chapter for the GALS….our dreams are coming true. Women helping women. Women loving women. Women lifting women. #itsamovement

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