Picking scabs☹️

January 28th 2019

I just co- hosted my first retreat for women. What an amazing expience this truly was.  

Do you know how hard it is to open wounds? The sting that you get for days, weeks or years after they are opened? It is down- right painful. And if you don’t heal that wound correctly there will remain a scar…a scar for life.

I am not talking physical wounds here. I am talking those emotional ones that we thought have already healed over with a small scab. The bleeding has stopped but it is still there.  The pain is still there when you bump it slightly but then it goes away after a split second only to come back again when touched. Then one day the scab gets bumped so hard that it comes off and the blood starts to run back out again and the pain becomes sort of unbearable.  

Why would anyone purposely pick at the scab? Why would you purposely inflict pain on yourself and pull that scab off to let that pain come back again – almost full force? Why would anyone do that?

Yesterday, without much thought or intent I picked at that scab and pulled that sucker right off. I didn’t actually contemplate about it, I just did it. It just kind of happened in the midst of a very intimate conversation with 13 beautiful women. You see my scab, it was not healing correctly and it would soon turn into a scar. By pulling my scab off of my wound other women felt that they could pull their scabs off too that were turning into scars. One by one we slowly peeled off those scabs. One by one so we did not feel alone anymore. One by one we shared how that wound was becoming a scar and one by one we began the healing process correctly so it would not have a chance to scar us anymore.

By opening up my wound it made others feel it was ok to open theirs. And though the pain is still in full force today. It is really sinking in – this time I am giving it a chance to heal correctly so there will be no chance for that scar to reside on me anymore.  

The wound that once would have been a scar will now heal with beauty and with grace. Acknowledging it was hard. Showing the wound to other’s was hard. But, the feeling of knowing it gave the courage that other’s might have been seeking- that was a priceless moment that will live on forever, I hope.

It would be easy to let those wounds heal incorrectly and turn in to scars. It would be easy to just bury it deep and never let it come to surface. It would be easy right now in the moment to ignore it. But in the years to come of your precious life you don’t want that scar hanging around. You really don’t.  You need to heal that wound girlfriend. The good news is you don’t need to heal it alone. Sharing your story with other’s in a safe environment can be the best and most uplifting way to heal. With grace and with dignity. That wound will never become a scar.

Today I feel so emotional. I do. I feel emotional that my GAL’s have all gone home and off to live their lives. But, not sad emotional- not at all! I am feeling happy emotions knowing for a fact that lives were changed this weekend. That wounds were healed. That these GAL’s are going to go out and give it their best and the best will come back to them full force.  

Until next time,


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