Can we please stop with the fad diets ya’ll☹️🤨🤢🤮

Day 1 on the left- less than 3 months later on the right.

I crawled out of bed 6 weeks after my miscarriage and said ENOUGH

I pressed play…..

My life is forever changed from this program- it never fails me it never lets me down

I don’t hop and skip around to other plans- i use this I have used this for almost 5 years and 3 pregnancies…

i don’t need to try new ways or new things- i found it- it is real life- it is real food and moving my body….that is it- it is friends there to help and share struggles and ideas

it is do able and fun — yes it is fun….

I don’t need a detox or an elimination diet- i eat things in moderation and that is that….

the way our grandparents ate….i choose my carbs smart – i don’t cut i choose wisely….i choose my proteins wisely- i eat dairy limited but when i really want it and i enjoy it —

Cutting out foods and trying all these new ways of eating – it is just way too overwhelming…

lets just eat good food and be healthy 85 percent and indulge when we want to on really good food…..

I got the plan- are you ready?

BEWARE: this will forever change your life ya’ll..

hugs Ad

so- where you want to be in 10 weeks? what about 4? what about 2?

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