Mom I know girl- I know 😘

I know momma, I know! It is cold out it is winter it is dry it is January 98th. I know!!

Why don’t we…me and you…get through the rest of this winter TOGETHER! team work:)

I have the plan you just gotta show up. I will push you and you will succeed!

I know what it is like to have goals and to start and stop and start and stop- i know I was there

I know what it is like to keep searching and trying a new plan every Monday. I know what it is like to not see results immediately and just want to quit…

this time though

it is different….just when you will want to quit I will be there to pull you back up

questions along the way – i am here

meal plan? i got you- no foods off limits

workout plan and itty bitty challenges to make it fun- i got you

you will NEVER get bored with me ya’ll!


the time will pass whether you are doing health or not so lets just DO THE DAMN THANG


Stop starting and stopping lets just do it right and the results will come!

PM NOW SO we can get you the meal plan for MONDAY!



your friend in health,


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