You say you don’t like me..huh?

Friday Feb. 1, 2019 

I am seriously uhb- sessed with this quote.. 

“Do your daughters a favor and raise them to be ok with people not liking them.” – mommaimfiltered 

I saw it yesterday on my feed and it just hit me….like hard.  

You see, my entire life I have always done and said what other people wanted me to. I always listened to what I “should” be doing because I thought that was the only way for acceptance in this life. I thought it was the only way to be liked. It created shame and anxiety constantly. I felt as though if I messed up I would be judged or criticized or,God forbid, unliked . 

I was always afraid of not fitting in. I was always afraid of being different. I thought others could see right through me. The thought they might not like me killed me inside. It created a very unsafe environment to live in. My own mind- it felt unsafe.  

The judgement I felt and the acceptance I thrived for was eating me up inside like a bad disease. Literally, making me sick. I just kept my head down and did what I should seeking that love from others to fill me up. It did not though. Being accepted by the “IN” crowd- it never filled me. Doing everything everyone else wanted me to do never made me feel whole. 

I am sure aging has helped me a lot with becoming more secure but I must say my life dramatically changed when I stopped putting my happiness in other’s people’s hands. Of course I want to be liked and loved, we all do. What is different now though is if I am not liked or loved by you it does not change the way I live, it does not change the way I feel, it does not change who I am. When you can figure that out -= that right there is the ticket to true happiness. 

Getting rid of that need to be LIKED and ACCEPTED was the best “detox” diet I ever gave myself.   

Chin up buttercup- you are worth love. You just have to love YOU first then you will not feel the need to seek being “liked” anymore.

#DOUBOO and your people will show up and love you hard and endlessly.  




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