Socially social 🙋👯‍♀️

“We are social creatures. We function better, feel better and live better when we are surrounded by support.”-Angie Miller for NASM

I remember being kind of a loner too. I love people- I love working with people. I am a hairstylist for goodness sakes…..

When I became a SAHM from owning my own, very social business, to isolation- it was tough. TOUGH.

That is why this is so great- we need people in our life. I can not tell you the smile I get on my face when I see someone post a success of theirs in our private group or when I hear that they tried my recipe and loved or when I hear that they just hit a major goal- the joy it brings me makes it feel that I am actually with them in my house! but I am not we do all our communicating-(almost all) in a private group right here online. When we can meet up we do- but I know how busy everyone is- i know how hard it can be to commit to something with our lives. I

Isn’t your life now worth being happy and healthy?? Isn’t it NOW worth waking up everyday knowing you’re being the best you that you can be?

You don’t have to invest hours of time and thousands of dollars to join my online bootcamp you guys- Just like 20-30 min a day…I tell you exactly what to do and what to prepare for success and then I root you on all the way!

You have to be ready though- you have to be…..It took me along time to peel back the insecure layers and finally reach out and admit I need help- to say that I can’t do this alone and I don’t need too….BEST decision I have ever made….

Your life is RIGHT NOW …..I will be here when you are ready…today- 3 months from now- 6 months – next year…

But really what are you waiting for??

A YEAR FROM NOW you will thank yourself-!


Your friend in health,


(*** still time- we start MONDAY with the AAA-flat belly challenge!)

Share with a friend to hold each other accountable!

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