25 things to do instead of SNACK

25 things to do INSTEAD OF snack after dinner (unless you planned for a snack of course)

1. Turn off the lights in kitchen and say KITCHEN IS CLOSED

2. Drink peppermint tea (caffeine free)

3. Paint your nails

4. Read a motivating book (Shoe dog is a great favorite of mine!)

5. Write down your goals—read this every night- write down why they are you goals and what you will do when you conquer your goals

6. Write in a journal- about your day- your week – your year

7. Write in a prayer journal- 3 things your thankful for and 2 people to pray for

8. Watch your tv shows (do sit-ups during commercials)

9. Do my plank challenge (posted here!)

10. Chew on ice chunks

11. Drink 8-16 oz of Ice water

12. Sip on warm lemon water

13. Do yoga stretches

14. Call your bestie

15. Do this- 50 squats: 50 sit-ups : 25 pushups (repeat 3x)

16. Read to your kids or play a game with your significant other

17. Start a blog

18. Soak your feet in hot water with peppermint essential oils

19. Take a bath in lavender oils

20. TALK to your family about their day

21. Walk right after dinner (even on the treadmill- I sometimes ride my exercise bike just slowly- did this mainly when I was prego- right after dinner)

22. Play an instrument (if you have one—or just try playing one that is in the house!)

23. Write in your planner your workouts for the week

24. Write down your meals for tomorrow



NOTE: wrote this to myself


Your friend in health,


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