A challenge for you🙋

SO THANKFUL for the loaded inbox this month! You want to know what it is like to take a stroll with me on your health and fitness journey?? then check this out….


A little about me:

I’m Addie, a stay at home mom of two sets of twins ages 2 and 4. I have always been on

a journey with my health and fitness. I have always struggled. It is tough for me to keep weight off because I LOVE food! I do like to work out so that helps, but your success is 80-90 percent of what you eat that counts. There are so many things I have battled with in this life as I know others have too. These battles have always caused me to eat my emotions. I turn to the kitchen for comfort, I always have. It does have a sort of nostalgic place in my heart- the comfort eating, that is. It reminds me of my childhood. A great childhood in fact, but I am not sure it would be defined as “healthy”. I’ll always remember that cleaning my plate resulted in getting to have a snack before bed… yep a snack before bed is what makes me nostalgic. What made me OH SO HAPPY as a child is what I now struggle with. I want a snack after dinner EVERY SINGLE NIGHT! I think about it all day in fact. And when I want to be really strict with my diet I will take away that snack before bed and let me tell you I am a GROUCH on those days. ………cont.

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Can I tell you something I am totally embarrassed about? I really am. When I was in my late teens and early 20’s, I wanted to be thin SO SO SO bad I would have done anything; even risked my life. I took every diet pill on the market, tried starving, lots of Diet Coke and cigarettes, lots of Stacker 3000, and lots of ephedrine which caused tons of sleepless nights because I was shaky and my heart would race. And a lot of anxiety from all of it. People would compliment me all the time about how much weight I had lost, but little did they know I was literally dying. Like, killing myself on the inside. …cont…


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21 recipes

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If you have ever struggled with eating or know someone who has this is for you!

hugs- your friend in health


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