Did you think I was weird when I started sharing my life on social media?

Did people think it was weird when I started sharing my life on social media?
Not everyone gets it, that’s ok — I’m not here for everyone. I was doing something unconventional. I became one of “those” mom’s.

I decided to stop caring what other people “MIGHT” think of me. Not like in a day, but somewhere in my journey, it clicked. I don’t need approval or acceptance from anyone but myself and those who live in my four walls (Kevin, the kids and the dogs).
I decided to let go because the thoughts I was worried people might be thinking about me were holding me back from shining my light; from sharing my God given gifts.

I was missing out on so much joy because of it. Worrying about something that may or may not even exist. It was a complete energy suck. Other people’s opinions are none of my business. I had to release old relationships and remove toxic energy from my life in order to be true to myself and step into who I was meant to be.

Do you ever feel this way? Do you feel like you just want to do something or be something different but you are too scared to take the leap and be one of “those” mom’s?

When I started this business, it was just for me to get into better shape. That was it. Then I realized the freedom- the friendships- the LIFE that it gave me.

I threw my fears out the window and I want you to do the same…Join me?

I am now one of those “mom’s”. But, guess what- This #MOMboss just hit number one last week out of 2,700 amazing other #momboss’s. Each one of those women inspire me every single day.
**I won’t dim my light for fear shining too bright — there is space for all of us. **

“We will show you the ropes, hang on for the ride and let’s soar to the top”

**this post was truly inspired by a dear friend and #momboss.- Without her, my team and my customers I would not be where I am.**

So, is it your turn to step out and DO something?
Nothing changes if nothing changes!

Drop me a line if you’r ready! Ready to get healthier or ready to just dive into starting your own biz. Either way I am with you 110%.

Your friend in health,


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