People Who BElittle you- Are being little

My messages will always have a positive twist…
This hit me yesterday- these unbelievably wise words .
“People who belittle you are being little”
Here is what…
People will point out your flaws
people will throw stones
people will judge you – some not even intentionally
people will think what your doing is crazy
people will find a reason to say you are wrong
but – when they do that
don’t go there
don’t sink to that level
They are being little and you are bigger
I TRIED FOR SO LONG and fought until I was out of breath trying to make people understand what I was doing when I started HH a few years ago…
I tried to get everyone to see my side and my point and the good….every time I left the conversation my heart would be broken….not because I couldn’t change their mind about me— because by fighting back, fullsizeoutput_1869I BECAME LITTLE just like them….
People will belittle you no matter what…but always remember…that makes them LITTLE…..
You RISE above that S#IT

“Thoughts that once controlled me now don’t get to me at all”-Elsa


Hugs, your friend in health,
anyone ever felt this or am i alone here??

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