Shaking with excitement👏👏

Enrolling people NOW for my March Challenge! A$$ Arms and Abs Journey to Joy! This will be focused on Making foods WE LIKE TO EAT!! Come on guys- you can not just rely on some shake or killer workout or anything else to get your health in check. I think back about the times that I wanted to get healthy to be skinny. I did everything- Eating only dinner and 2 shakes a day….no snacking….working out twice a day…..nothing but cheese and meat….or maybe no sugar…..I did it for like a week or two and then I was like- I want food! I love food! I want to eat GOOD FOOD and be my best self. Now I sit and think WHY? Why do I want to be healthy? Not to be skinny FOR MY KIDS AND MY FAMILY. I want to cook healthier for my husband and I want to teach my children that food can be good and HEALTHY!! I want to teach others the same thing! Yes we need to move our bodies- but like 30 minutes a day is fine….WHAT HONESTLY MAKES THE DIFFERENCE IS THE FOOD WE PUT IN OUR BODIES!! Stop!!! Stop trying to quick fix yourself for vanity …..lets do it the RIGHT WAY so our entire family can benefit!! So we can sustain this lifestlye…STOP trying the newest latest and greatest fad diet- stop eating processed yuck…=I AM RIGHT HERE- I AM SITTING HERE WAITING TO HELP YOU!! My passion is in the kitchen and helping others! LETS DO THE DAMN THANG!! Starts in MARCH! Woohoo! Message me NOW and get 2 packets of my recipes RIGHT NOW!! And start your AB BURNER WORKOUT (5 minutes long- TODAY!)) YES!! I CANT Wait I am like shaking with excitement typing!

Below is :

Big Mac Casserole;

Mexican bake:


Chicken Alfredo

And that’s not even everything!!


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