I for sure see it 🤔❄️

I 100% see that mess behind me.

I also 100% see a mess in front of me.

I see a TON of laundry

I see that it is super cold out

I see that it is still dark a lot

I see that my kids are sick all the time right now

I see that winter is still in full force

I see that I am tired and pasty I see that my skin and hair are dry from winter

I see that my energy is not as up to par per the usual

I see the way that people can totally be in seasonal depression right not. I am not joking- I know..its a thing.. I used to have it…..

So, when you see me and the kids jumping around and smiling…

Don’t be annoyed….dont think that nothing gets to me..but If I was not going to put on a smile for you or for my kids then who would? I had to make a choice today- I chose happiness….I just want you to come to my page a lot of the time and think Happy- not annoyed that I look like I have all the energy in the world- just happiness from a real smile from me to you. I could just be a bump on a log- but what fun is that? I am not naive to the crap going on in the world or with the weather or anything else…

.I just Don’t need to keep reminding you of it- people are already doing enough of that for you. SMILE- CHOOSE HAPPY TODAY_ THINK OF SOMETHING GOOD GOING ON…anything…make something up to look forward too!….coffee:spring:puppies:happy kids: a good dinner: SOMETHING can make you smile today- I know it

So what’s it gonna be?

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