March 1 👨‍👧🐴

I saw a white pick-up go by my house last night and thought of you. I often think you might just pull in my drive way one day. I find myself daydreaming a lot that you walk in the door and sweep up the kiddos to take them riding with you. They ask to hear stories about you and Pronto before bed almost every night Today we will celebrate your birthday. 57 years old. They asked if you were coming to the party, I tell them you are always here.

It seems that each year it hits me just a little harder on this day. As I grow older I realize just how much alike we really are and just how close I know we would be. I know if you were here you could help me on my growing farm and teach me how to ride. I am learning it all on my own but I have your talents inside that seem to shine through as I age.

I am proud to call you dad. I am proud today that I am turning out a lot like you. You were good. You were good and you were too young to leave. Trying to figure out life can be tougher on some- I know, I am still trying to. You were figuring it out and then God needed you.

I know that you are here with us every day. I see you in my little Keith. What an amazing gift. We celebrate you today, Dad. Happiest Birthday up there. I know you and Pronto are having the best time!


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