Selfish or selfless 🤔🙋

I used to think that self care was super selfish. I would not spend any money on myself. I would think that it is so vain to get a spray tan and get yo nails did for no reason..but you know what…that was before I was a hot mess 99 percent of my life (stay at home momma)….NOW I SEE WHY – why we need self care….it makes us feel GOOD and HUMAN and it makes me feel like I have something to look forward to when I take a day just for me. I used to rush rush rush when I would have a sitter and NOW I TAKE MY FRICKEN TIME….I NEEDED THIS- I am nicer to my kids to my husband to my dogs…I AM A BETTER MOMMA: WIFE AND FRIEND when I take a lil time for myself! TAKE TIME FOR YOSELF MOMMA— all the feels today for this girl…FINALLY- it is just the medicine I needed. Happy Thursday ya’ll! WHAT DO YOU DO FOR SELF CARE??

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