Do you feel like you belong? 😞Me either 😎


I preach…only because I know that a lot of you are LIKE me and I am LIKE you…..

Just because people are not falling all over you telling you that you are doing a great job does not mean that you are not. Just because you do not always hear good feedback on every move you make does not mean your not making the right choice…

What is the right choice anyway? I mean really do any of us even know?

The right choice is this- YOU FEEL GOOD IN YOUR INSIDES about it? You feel passion and purpose about it? You FEEL like it is making you and your life and your surroundings better? You know that it is harming no one and in fact helping the world (or just yourself).

THE NUMBER one thing that people want in life- truly one of the TOP things that they crave…..ACCEPTANCE AND BELONGING.

Belonging to something…to a group or with friends-or being good at something and being accepted for it- not only accepted but praised- we all want that!

That is what we all crave- don’t you see- we all crave acceptance and approval from others……BUT – that can cause so much stress you guys- if we put all of our value in other peoples court….PEOPLE are usually so wrapped up in what they are doing that they don’t really even think about what you are doing THAT MUCH- not as much as you think….


NO REGERTS (lol- regrets) — I have said it before and I will say it again

AS LONG AS THE PEOPLE THAT LIVE IN YOUR FOUR WALLS ARE HAPPY- then you are doing a damn good job at this thing called LIFE…

Hugs, Your friend in health, ad

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