Throw Backs

❤️Going through some throw backs here of a few years ago. Life was simpler. Sometimes I miss those days of not hustling to create this biz. Sometimes i miss the peace of it all. My phone never had notifications my stories never had to be full. It was just me and the kids living life and that was it. No one saw or knew what I was doing no one cared that much- maybe they still don’t- idk.


😘I had a moment this week where I wanted to quit. I literally wanted to throw in the towel. I felt like I was doing nothing and no one was listening. Like I was not helping anyone- like crickets….. I felt like- why? Why am I hustling so hard- my life is flashing before my eyes- why so much effort in this biz?……

Then an aha moment came …. when not one but two ladies I ran into this week in person told me how I had helped changes their life. How they started and continued their health journey by watching me and my page. By following some of my advice… one even said that my book, eat2LIV, is what kick started them.


🤗So- in the end I am still gonna keep hustling and still helping people – even if I don’t get the most “likes” they are still watching and following and it is STILL putting health into homes- when I leave it as just that —-just trying to get health into homes — it makes this “job” of mine a lot lighter.


🙋It’s a passion- when you find yours it’s not all roses but when you find out that you ARE helping people and not just people, families —- that is the very best feeling of all.

If this is you – DO NOT GIVE UP GIRLFRIEND- do not give up- we all have fears we all have doubts but keep searching keep hustling- keep going and you will SUCCEED…the only thing that will make you fail is if you QUIT… #yougotthis

❤️From my fam to yours – cheers, Addie

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