So does it???? 🔥🧚‍♀️


Does your superfoods have the dense phytonutrients of 7 salads combined?

Does it have all natural ingredients with no fake sugars?

Does it make your skin glow and your belly debloat?

Cut your cravings in half?

Does it have little mini scrubbers in it that brush your insides to get all the junk out?

Does it boost your mood and crank your energy?

Ok- so let’s say it does have all that?

Does it come with a meal plan?

A health coach and new friend?

Does it come with tons and tons of unlimited access to recipes?

How about 100’s of workouts to choose from right from your house?

Does it come with encouragement from like-minded people on the same mission as you are with your health?

Does the purchase of your superfoods support a family? Does it support a momma on a mission to achieve her dreams to help herself- her family and OTHERS?

Does it come with a certified trainer that will answer all your questions whenever they arise?

Does it come with a #fitfam tribe that sticks with you if you let them- till goals are met?

Does it give YOU the opportunity to jump in on the success of building your own biz with ALL the help/tools you can imagine to do it?

These are just some of the reasons that if you are not on this program……YOU SHOULD BE!


#teammotherhustlers ✨looking for 10 mommas who want to get healthier, make friends, help others and make some money too! I will show you the ropes, hang on for the ride then soar to the top ✨

I am who I am

🙋I am sure to you it looks like all I do is work out and cook, right?

Lol- I know but you see such a small fragment of my life you guys….i show you things that are important to me but I don’t share everything…nor would you want me too. But there are a few things about me you might be interested in…

1. My sign is cancer which means I am a home body but I love people.

2. I lived in a big city for 17 years until just recently moving to a much smaller community.. 3. I have four kids on earth – 2 sets of twins- and one angel baby in heaven.

4. My favorite food in the whole world is popcorn and licorice in a huge bowl together.

5. I love to paint and refinish old furniture.

6. I am studying now two courses to better my knowledge in health and fitness.

7. I have 2 dogs 7 chickens one bunny and hoping to get a donkey in the spring.

8. I owned a small salon for almost 10 years.

9. I am a certified Zumba, WERQ ,yoga ,PIYO, pilates and Group Fitness Instructor.

10. I am writing one book (hope to complete by spring) and just finished one that is now in editing.

11. On date nights with the hubs I like to go to Tiny old supperclubs

12. I started taking guitar lessons in 2013.

13. I am not good at guitar but still play for the kids

14. My dream is to have horses and a trailer to ride all over WI.

15. I grew up in a very small town.. population 900.

16. I am related to everyone in that town. -lol droessler proud

17. I LOVE, LOVE helping other people succeed.

18. I attempted school for dental hygiene, physical therapy and occupational therapy. I still wish I would have finished PT.

19. I am a Sunday school teacher.

20. Discovering nature, reading and singing are my favorite things to do with the family.

🤓That is me…not just working out and eating healthy all day eryday- 😎I am just like you….and I have to make time for health just like you too. I balance it in just like you can. I will help ya…its my thang😘😘 hugs, Ad

Are u a quitter like me🙋


“I already tried that and it never worked for me.”

🙋Do these words sound familiar to you? 🤦‍♀️How many times have you started and stopped something?

🤢How many different ways have you tried to get healthier and lose weight or gain energy and it never worked?

🙈Yes, I admit it. I am a recovering QUITTER!! I started no carb- I quit

I started new workout programs – then quit

I stopped eating gluten- quit

I stopped dairy- quit

I started and stopped more “diets” in my life than I can count.

I lost weight sometimes only to gain it back and then some.

🧚‍♀️There is no pill- there is no drink – there is no magic recipe for you to get in your best health. It takes hard work. It takes discipline – but what it takes the most of ….NOT QUITTING.

I would sit and cry😥 – I would sit and talk myself out of it….i would – when I didn’t see immediate results I would just want to quit,

😎Until this…this time I had a push from other people who wanted to quit too and didn’t. I had a push and something changed in me. I finally said- I AM NOT QUITTING another thing! I am going to start this and see it through! FINALLY- I just set my mind on it and there was NO OTHER OPTION.

When you go in ALL THE WAY and give it EVERYTHING YOU GOT- you WILL NOT won’t. You give me 100% I will stick with you ALL THE WAY until we slay those goals!

You ready?🙌🙌🙌

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I am the same way❤️❤️

I am that mom too. I am that busy mom who has to be ON for everyone. But if I can’t be present with myself than how can I possibly be present for them?

You can do this too! You can have it all. You can get healthy and feel great and BE AN AMAZING MOM, FRIEND, WIFE , COWORKER….. NO guilt. NO more guilt. You have to take care of you because without you NOTHING else will be. Stop running yourself ragged trying to keep up with it all. Stop making this harder thank it needs to be.

Stop trying to do this on your own. You don’t have to do it on your own. Let us lighten the load for you. Let us make your meal plan and guide you on how to move your body to be your best self. Let us give ya pep talks and help do the work with you.

Finally, put yourself first. Be ok with asking for help…THAT IS WHAT WE ARE HERE FOR! To help you momma. We want you to feel as good as we do and help to simplify things for ya to get there!

PM me now for how to get half off our superfoods NOW!

Hugs, ad

I see YOU momma 🙋

When I felt like I was different or weird for wanting to share my stories do you know what?

These women had my back- they all felt it too.

When I was laid up in bed for 8 weeks this past year, do you know what?

I still got a pay check every week from this company.

When I felt like I would never get out of bed again and could not even think of running my groups because of the loss of my pregnancy, do you know what?

My tribe had my back and did the work for me.

When I felt like the pounds would never come off again and all I wanted to do was hide out and eat chips, do you know what?

This community pushed me through.

When it seemed like I would never find myself again, you know what?

My people showed up- they never left.

How grateful I am to have found this gig. How blessed I am to have found myself again. How lucky I am to be able to just be ME and know I am embraced for just that! Being ME!

You can to my sweet sister. You are wanting to have something of your own but don’t know where to start? You want to be a part of something bigger? You want to get on track of your health journey while helping others with theirs?

I never in a MILLION years thought I would be posting a picture like this of me. But, with a little pep talk from my team and the help of my 4 year old photographer all my fears of just being me have VANISHED and it feels great!

Never did I expect this little “side hustle” would now be saving money each week for my kids college. I never thought I would be able to contribute to this family and be a full time mommy….but I am and SO CAN YOU!

BE PART OF SOMETHING BIGGER THAN YOURSELF…..that’s when life really gets exciting ya’ll!

To all the DAD’s in the house!👨‍🦰

I want you to meet Kevin.

He is a father of four under the age of four.

He leaves his home for 10-12 hours each day of the week. M-F

On weekends he cherishes his times with the kids and takes care of 5 acres with 7 chickens, 2 dogs, one bunny and soon to be added to the mix a donkey and goats.

He has a wife who stays home with the kids and needs breaks when he walks in the door at night.

He has no extra time. A workout would noramally be at the bottom of his to do list.

But, he also knows that high blood pressure and heart disease runs in his genes. He knows that although he has a physical job it does not get his heart rate up to a place it needs to be daily.

He knows that he wants to do anything and everything in his power to be a healthy role model for his kids. He wants to put the odds FOR him to live a LONG healthy life.

He knows in order to do this he needs to invest a little bit. 20 minutes a day in fact.

He doesn’t need to leave the house. He doesn’t need to spend a fortune on a gym membership. He doesn’t need to spend hours on end to get his heart in check.

He needs to just make a point to get up 20 minutes early. Hit play. Move his body. Get in his superfoods on the go- out the door.

He knows that these little things add up. He doesn’t do this to be thin he does this TO LIVE A LONG life.

It might not save him in the end….it might not…but you know what? He will always know he gave it his very best for himself and for his family.

That my friends, that is all we can do. We can put the odds for us. Give it our best every day. And mentally and physically- IT WILL pay off.

(and it does help to have a little push from his wife)

THIS IS NOT JUST FOR STAY AT HOME MOMS…this is for dads….grandparents….working moms…busy families…busy people…this is for you…for the one who wants to get healthy but does not want to dedicate thousands and hours of time…this is for YOU! Men, women, children….Grandmas , grandpas, uncles and aunts…..its for you! This is your year!

IF KEVIN can make time…..SO CAN YOU!

Hugs, the Graffin’s

NON- DAIRY:low cal: low carb Spinach Artichoke DIP

I am releasing ALL kinds of these recipes TODAY in my PRIVATE group!! It is like a FREE recipe book FROM me!! YOU WANT IN?? JUST ASK~ Breakfast Ideas, Lunch Ideas, Dinner and more!

You could use this today for your PARTY!! or you can just use it to dip veggies in. It is a creamy delicious way to LOVE eating VEGETABLES! Without eating those veggies you will not find health you guys! So, just eat em!!

Dairy free Spinach Artichoke Dip
You will need a cup of leftover Veggie soup…it can be even just leftover cooked vegetables…

Blend together 1 C of leftover Vegetable soup with 1⁄2 C cashews and 2 TBS nutritional yeast. I used a ninja – must be blended to creamy.

In a pan saute in olive oil 2 cups chopped fresh spinach and one can artichokes with 2 garlic cloves chopped fine.

Preheat oven 350
Spray a smaller baking dish. I used 8 x 8.

Add 1⁄2 container of hummus to the dish then pour in the cashew cream and the spinach and artichokes and stir well. Spread out even in pan.

Back to the ninja place half cup walnuts in with 1 TBS nutritional yeast and mix just until fine crumbles.. Use this as an OPTIONAL topping.

Bake for 25 minutes. Serve warm with raw veggies or whole grain chips. Amazing and guilt free!!