Falling in love with fall: Butternut Soup

I know you are probably not even thinking of soup this past week if you live in the Midwest with the crazy heat wave. You will be soon enough though– so here ya go!! 

One large butternut squash peeled and cubed
4 carrots cleaned and chopped
One acorn squash
Large Onion diced (doesn’t have to be small)
2 large sweet potatoes peeled and cubed
One carton low sodium organic vegetable broth
2 bouillon cubes (optional)
2 cups almond milk ( I used unsweetened vanilla)
Pumpkin spice
Salt and pepper
In deep baking dish cut acorn squash in half and drizzle with olive oil bake face down in oven at 425 for 30 minutes or until tender enough to scoop out.
At the same time::On two large cookie sheets spread out all other cubed and cut vegetables and drizzle with olive oil—sprinkle with a generous amount of all the spices and salt and pepper – bake in oven with acorn squash for same time and same temp (until tender)
In a large pot on stove sauté 3 garlic cloves chopped in olive oil on medium heat—when all vegetables are tender from oven add them all to this large pot with garlic   (you will have to scoop out the acorn squash and add to the pot)Pour your entire carton of Vegetable broth over the vegetables and bring to a boil. Stir and then turn off heat…
****now you will have another big bowl or large empty pot -you will scoop a few cups at a time of this chunky vegetable mix into a food processor and let it purée down then add to the new pot—repeat this until entire pot is puréed down….now pour the entire puréed pot of “soup” into the original pot.
Put this back on the stove on medium heat and add 2 cups of water and 2 cups of the almond milk and the two boullion cubes- at this point I also added about a half a cup of pumpkin purée but this is optional . Add another generous sprinkle of all of the spices again with salt and pepper. Watch and stir this continuously as you turn up the heat to bring to a boil—once at a boil turn down low and simmer. ( you can add more or less liqued depending on how thick you want it) you can eat like this or serve with topping:::
Topping: chopped finely about 6 red peppers and an onion sauted in olive oil on a pan with a bag of bacon bits (normally I would cook bacon and cut but this is an easier way) let all this cook about ten minutes on medium to low heat and add a generous spoon full on top of soup!
Container count—1.5 cup equals one green and 1/2 yellow (no need to count bacon bits there is such a small amount)

CABBAGE CASSEROLE with a kick of inspiration!

NOTE__**** This is a message to my challengers today- sneak peek for those interested in trying out around with me::: WHO WANTS IN?just ask!!!
Day 20/restofyourlife
Know this—I was 235 pounds on the left…yes I had just given birth but I had a LONG road ahead….a long one. Some of you might have a long road and some might have just a few more pounds to go—or whatever the goal may be…but this road that we travel….this road will take you up horrible, unbelievable self doubting hills and then it will take you down easy riding ones….it will always be a road that we will travel. No matter what your goals are—we will undoubtedly always have goals—if we didn’t have goals then life wouldn’t really be that worth living…in my world anyway. So, maybe your goal today is to lose a few more pounds…..maybe it is to get stronger….maybe it is to get leaner….no matter what your goal is today I promise you when you achieve it there will, no question, be another goal. You will then strive and meet that goal and so on and so on.That is what its all about friends- setting goals and crushing them. I know you can and will keep going—you got this….this life is yours and you only get one—cliché, I know …. But SO SO true—one life to live so live it to the best and the fullest. Show up everyday and do the work—DO IT…that is how we succeed. Some days I don’t want to and some days you don’t want to but just do it on those days even harder. Make working out a part of your daily routine like taking a shower—make meal prepping a part of your routine like an important meeting…. Once you start logging this stuff into your busy calendar it will just be part of your norm and you will keep succeeding at this healthier lifestyle that I know we all want. Great job! Party is not over—what is your meal prepping like today?? Workouts anyone?? 

Cabbage casserole–

ground a pound of beef in one pan

Chop a head of cabbage start sautéing in olive oil in another pan– to this pan add a chopped onion and 2 cloves of garlic— sprinkle a package of Ranch season ( i dont use this a lot because of sodium but once in a while is ok) sprinkle this on the veggies and add a carton of mushrooms. Cook until tender then add the ground beef to this….on low now add 1 can of stewed tomatoes and one can of tomato sauce (low sodium if you have). Let this simmer and cook for about half an hour stirring a few times..top with 1/2 C mozzerella cheese–serve warm- 

1.5 C = 1 green, 1 red, 1/2 purple and 1/2 blue 

I love cabbage casseroles!!!! (Pic in comments) what are you making today!!!! Yooowhoooo— yes i am talking to you!

PS– if you have not been fully present this round– it IS A OK__ my question is…..do you want to be fully present Next week?? I have a few more samples of shakeo and a i can still mail out the yummy Clean up your coffee challenge package if you want>???? It’s 5 days of hard core amazingness– want in just ask?!?!??!?

Egg Bake 

I literally make egg bakes at lease twice a month- they are healthy and delicious and I can sneak in veggies to those non veggie lovers!! Kids love em- hubs love em and I love em…….

Egg bake:

One carton of mushrooms
2-3 cups frozen broccoli

2-3 cups raw spinach

16 oz pork sausage

Dozen eggs

1/2C egg whites

1 Cup of Ricotta Cheese

1/2 Cup plain Greek yogurt

1/2C almond milk
Brown your pork sausage

While this is cooking in another pan sauté your veggies in olive oil with salt and pepper until somewhat tender

In large bowl place eggs, egg whites, ricotta, Greek yogurt and milk – mix well until all eggs are broke up

Add the sausage and veggies to the egg mixture and stir.

Place in casserole dish and bake 375 for 45 minutes or until golden on top!

Have one large slice for

1.5 red and one green (note:ricotta i am counting as red too- there is so little in each serving so not a big deal but this makes this taste so so good!!)

Get it girl!!

Here’s what…….Don’t be upset or annoyed at ladies going out of their comfort zone to build something… do you know why they are trying to “build” it?? 99 percent of the time they are busting their butts so they can stay home with their kids…and so they can have freedom…or maybe they feel like they don’t belong anywhere else so they want to start their own thing…..or maybe they are struggling to pay bills…..or maybe they just need something else…..maybe they TRULY believe in their product and just have such a passion to share…..maybe they don’t have the best education but they want to BE SOMETHING BETTER AND BIGGER than they were told they could be…..NO MATTER what it is and no matter who— please support these entrepreneurs, these strong women (and men)who are totally putting themselves out there – putting themselves in the fire of judgment and risking a LOT to be something that they know deep in their hearts that they can be. If you cant support its OK but if you are buying products—make up— protein shakes— energy drinks—- workout videos— shampoos—jewelry— undergarments—–kids bathing products—food— bags— clothes—- — or anything else that someone local is selling—help them out if you can ……encourage those who go out of their comfort zone because trust me it IS SO fricken scarey to do this and wonder “what people are thinking” – but I have learn to realize what other people are thinking of me is none of my business, really.

Pumpkin Muffins (healthier)!

Happy Fall Ya’llLove the fall season for the pumpkin and squash and all that goodness that comes with!!

Pumpkin Muffins (healthier style)


4 oz Greek vanilla yogurt (or plain)

¼ C applesauce

1 C sugar (truvia baking blend)

2 eggs

1 C pumpkin

1 tsp vanilla extract

1 ¾ C carbiquik (or any flour you prefer)

½ tsp salt

Dash of cinnamon and pumpkin spice

Mix yogurt, applesauce and sugar well add one egg at a time and mix. Add the pumpkin and the vanilla to this wet mixture. In another bowl mix carbquick, cinnamon, pumpkin spice and salt- then add the wet mixture to this dry mix. Mix all together well.

Scoop out in muffin tins – bake 350 for 20 minutes (less or more just watch for golden tops)

I topped mine with a scoop of yogurt but you could do Halo top ice cream if prefer!

Container count: 2 of these muffins for a yellow container— if adding topping count ½ C of topping for another yellow!


Pizza soup!

I love soup! Three reasons…. 1.) itcan almost always be a healthy alternative and number two it’s super filling number.. three it keeps you warm in the fall and winter months that are yet to come. You can totally make any main dish into a soup somehow that is just what I did. In trying to eat healthy I really would love to eat some pizza right now which I could do but I decided instead to make pizza soup which is not my healthiest soup but it’s healthier than a big ole slab of the pie, right?
1lb ground turkey browned

1 large pepperoni (fresh and I chop it up myself)

1 cup of rices cauliflower

1 cup onion chopped

1 cup colored peppers chopped

3 cloves of garlic minced

1 cup chopped mushrooms

1 can sliced black olives

One zuchinni noodled (I use a spiralizer)

One jar low sugar pizza sauce

One jar of speghetti sauce (i canned my own if buying use low sugar organic)

One carton of low sodium broth
Place all veggies and garlic in pot and saute until tender with olive oil then add the meats the pasta sauce pizza sauce and the broth — u may need to add water as well until all veggies are covered….. bring to boil and then let simmer on low for about an hour. Enjoy with small amount of mozzarella cheese on top!!

Container count

1 1/2 C = one red one green 1/2 purple if having cheese then one blue!!