Berryfull Protein Bites

🍓BERRY-FULL protein bites🍓
 🍗I am constantly trying to find ways to get protein in the kiddos diet… these were an absolute hit!!!! I can not even explain the goodness in these—oats and quinoa and protein OH MY!

❤️It is hard to believe but these little bites are packed with protein and tons of flavor burst! An awesome way to get much needed protein in yours and the kids belly! ☝️NOTE: anytime you eat a carb you should have a protein along with it– it helps keep you fuller longer while helping with the digestive process too! These are a perfect combo! 🙌
1 ½ C of Quinoa – already cooked

2 C Oats

½ C Honey

½ C Natural Peanut Butter

½ C Chocolate chips

½ C Organic dried Cranberries 

1 Scoop of tropical strawberry vegan superfood protein powder ( I can help you get this!)
Mix quinoa and oats in large bowl. Place peanut butter and honey in microwave safe dish and warm until melted (not overdone – keep checking :about 1 minute or maybe a little more) pour this over the oats and quinoa mixture—add the chocolate and cranberries at this time too- mix well (hand mix) take a small scooper and scoop onto cookie sheet covered with parchment paper….stick in freezer until hard then move to Tupperware and keep in fridge or freezer until eating! 

Will hopefully make about 24
Portion system: Have 3 of these for a yellow and 2 tsp
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I have my days—I do! Today being one of them…. I 100 percent wanted to overload on the kettle corn we bought at the pumpkin patch and eat the cheesy lasagna I made yesterday with garlic bread gallor—I wanted to give into this before 11 am today……I am having a day where I am feeling a bit blah. Kevin was off all last week and I took “off” too. I just kind of relaxed all week and didn’t stress too much about working out or eating 90/10—I more less ate a lot of “cheats” last week. When we are all home together it is just nice to relax and indulge sometimes. Now coming off of that funfilled free week – it is MONDAY again and we are back to the normal….back to the routine. I almost find that it is harder to take off and come back – instead of feeling refreshed I feel a bit sluggish and like I said – blah.

I decided to get my mind off of the carbs in the house looking at me and brought up all of my tubs for winter/fall clothes. 2 of them full of clothes that I have NOT looked at in a couple years—last year I was NOT at my goal weight at this time and the year before I was pregnant- the year before that not at goal and year before that pregnant…So, I guess it has been like 4 years (some stuff probs out of style –lol) As I started to go through these old clothes memories came floating back- some good some bad. I decided I am going to go through and get rid of some. I started trying them on—I literally could not believe it – they were literally all either baggy or fit perfectly (like they were intended to fit but I always wore them too tight and was always uncomfortable) but now— I felt amazing in them ALL- I did. Loose fitting jeans- loose fitting sweaters—no more tightness in the sleeves or the butt or anywhere—even my tall boots were fitting looser on my legs than ever have before….I got rid of a lot of clothes today but only the ones that were TOO baggy they looked sloppy.. I HAVE NEVER IN MY LIFE HAD THIS HAPPEN! Never! I have never changed out to a new season of clothes and had this happen when things fit BETTER than the year before or LOOSER or even TOO BIG! Can’t put a price tag on that my friend…you think I am nuts that I spend a little extra on my superfoods and my eating – but YOU 100 PERCENT cannot put a price tag on this feeling I felt today— GOOD BYE BLAH feeling and HELLO – even more motivated than ever!

No desire to eat like sh*t now—none—superfood shake in hand and ready to conquer the world !


gaining and losing–101

This picture below was so me—I remember holding my very first plank after giving birth to the boys (first set of twins.) I remember it like it was yesterday. I was in the group fitness industry for almost 5 years at this point and I could NOT hold a plank -COULD not—it took everything in me to attend a class at the gym where I used to teach these ladies around me and here I was on the other side struggling and embarrassed of how weak I was and how much I had gained. Do you know what an aweful feeling this was for me? A year prior I was teaching people how to hold planks and telling them “you can do anything for a minute” and now here I was – I could not hold a plank from my knees much less my toes. Weighing in at over 230 pounds I was struggling—STRUGGLING BAD!! I was so pissed off at myself for letting it get this out of control during that first pregnancy. I mean, I gained almost 100 pounds—Everyone said- “o your having twins – it is ok” but it was not ok—that is not ok- I was not healthy at all. Many reasons surround that weight gain- most of them being me stopping my life completely for 9 months because I was SO afraid of ANYTHING happening to this pregnancy. It took SO many years to get pregnant and I just did not want to do anything to harm these precious babies—but in reality I DID everything to harm them by sitting on my butt for 9 months an eating like s*it. I did too- I ate everything I wanted- everything in sight- I gave up working out (which I LOVE and makes me who I am) but I gave it up- I gave up coffee (which I know a lot do but I was miserable—have the damn coffee!! The doc even said too!) I gave up people—I gave up being around people — I was so uncomfortable with myself that I just didn’t even want to be around them….NOTE: I was extremely happy to be pregnant just walking on eggshells for 9 months was incredibly isolating and depressing. I then was put on bed rest for 7 weeks which was pretty much what I was doing already except I stopped working too. My delivery went ok but recovery was awful and so was getting back into working out—it took me so so long to start again – but I did – I started…….i lost about 75 pounds (following my program I teach now) within 16 months……then ….pregnant again! Twins again—The reason that I know the first time around pregnancy was not healthy is because my second time I worked out the entire pregnancy 36 weeks to be exact! I worked at the salon up to 36 weeks and I also followed my eating program and did my shakes—I felt AMAZING at delivery and was running (slow and with doc approval) at 4 weeks postpartum. It was a breeze this second time—because of staying healthy the entire pregnancy—still gaining 55 lbs – but that was ok! I felt great and got back into it right away……so at this point I believe I weighed in at 200 pounds. My first plank again was a challenge – it was—but I started from my knees and just pushed a little harder everyday—I PUT IN THE WORK! I did! Now my babies are 20 months old…..I was at my goal weight about 4-5 months ago and now below my goal weight. Feeling strong and healthy—BUT WE ALL START FROM somewhere—IT IS NOT EASY but it is SO worth it! It is—slow and steady—not fast fix….SLOW AND STEADY ALWAYS WINS! Exercise – Eat healthy—that is it…….***want more info or help getting started on a new plan? Let me help you! Message me! I am here—I know where you are – you might not need to lose 100 pounds maybe not even 10 pounds but you might want to be stronger or healthier or feel more energy— if you need a little lift I would love to help!

Marathon ✔️

Mile 1: feeling strong and feeling great! Running a faster mile than I have ever ran weather is perfecto!

Mile 2-6 : staying in a good stride here, feeling confident

Mile 6ish: tunnel( ¾ of a mile tunnel I believe )dark, cold, raining like – but I kind of like it because my mind is now on not slipping and falling and also on not having a bat fly in my hair- its on this all and not on running- so it goes quick

Mile 8: Dear God- dad- grandma, Courtney —-anyone up in heaven please- I feel like I could be getting tired and its only mile 8!! The song “Heaven” comes on my headphones- I am now crying and feeling stronger- and crying

Mile 9-15: kind of a blur but going well

Mile 15: the loop turns – ok I got this – turned around – I know what’s coming – this will go quick!

Mile 16: tmi – my cup runneth over (diva cup) if you don’t know what this is now is not the time for me to explain—I look up- KEVIN is at the stop THANK YOU JESUS!! No , really thank you!He gets my “stuff” out of car=– Use the bathroom and off I go!

Mile 17: SHOULD NOT HAVE STOPPED at 16—but I had no choice- but now I stopped and it is not good once u stop—not good at all… I am struggling! 

Mile 18-20: I am not one to do repetitive prayer—I was brought up doing the rosary and Hail Marys and all of that but I kind of got out of it and just talk with God – let me just say— HAIL MARYS were for sure being said—and a few rosary’s!


Mile 25: I am just going to walk I think—I am just going to walk the rest- its ok I did it—I look up – Stacie!! THANK YOU JESUS__ AGAIN—no, really thank you!! She pushed me- ran with me to the end! I DID IT—I fricken ran a marathon! 

*note: I trained— I did_ I trained for months…..i ran hills…. I ran with weights on my wrist….I ran in the heat…I ran in the rain….I ran when I was sick—when my kids were sick— when I didn’t feel like it— but I RAN…I RAN MY HEART OUT! If I can do this—ANYONE CAN DO THIS! Not kidding……

Kids always r watching ya

😻I love the fact that my kiddos are jumping around right now saying “mom, mom look I am exercising!”🏃‍♀️I just think it’s the greatest feeling when you actually see that the good your doing is being seen by them and makes them want to do it too! ❤️I love it- in fact that is not just with exercise. I think sometimes we forget that our kids really do see and copy a lot of what we do! I forget myself—or I think they are not watching… but TRUST ME they are watching! 🤓ALWAYS watching and always listening and always wanting to be just like you. Show them the way…..maybe you are not the healthiest right now – maybe you don’t feel the most confident in “showing them” the way. But its not too late! You can start TODAY!! – ✔️Go out and walk…..✔️scroll back to my morning post and check out where your veggie intake should be- ✔️drink half your body weight in water in oz today……those 3 small things done everyday can lead up to something big you guys! It really can……start small—❤️Don’t think about how FAR you have to do…Just think about your 5 day goal…..for the next FIVE days❤️☝️ I will get in my water….☝️my veggies in and ☝️I will walk/run or do some sort of movement outside for at least 20 minutes…. 

🙌That is your goal—as a beginner—just FIVE days! Got it?? Get the kids in on it too! They should be eating their veggies—drinking their water and moving their little bodies every day too!! YOU CAN DO THIS!! 


Healthified Pumpkin cookies with cream cheese frosting

Healthified Pumpkin Cookies with cream cheese frosting:

My son’s snack day at school today and I had no idea what to take. I have never done this before- this is the boy’s first year of “school”. I was not sure what to send with them for snack- I know the rule was to be healthy but I also wanted it to be yummy too!! I found a recipe for pumpkin cookies on Pinterest but it contained a lot of sugar and butter — so got rid of most of the sugar and came up with this goodness! It was a hit!! I can honestly say that because I just picked them up and the teacher gave me the thumbs up on this one!! #score Note: I am not always on my game with making homeade treats but I had time and so I did. I know you wont always have time either- but when you do here ya go!!


½ C of applesauce

½ C plain Greek yogurt

1 teaspoon baking powder

1 teaspoon baking soda

1 teaspoon ground cinnamon

½ teaspoon of nutmeg (or pumpkin spice is fine)

1 egg

1 teaspoon vanilla extract

1 Cup canned pumpkin (not pie filling)

2 ¾ CUPS of Carbquik (or any flour you prefer)

Preheat oven at 350 degrees. Mix together ALL ingredients EXCEPT for the flour/carbquick and baking powder and baking soda….when all is mixed well add the flour/carbquik plus baking soda and powder slowly….take a small scooper and make about 24 cookies bake less than 7 minutes—just until they seem close slightly golden but tender.—they will set even more after you take them out. If you stick a toothpick in and it comes out clean they are done. Take off the pan gently and let cool on counter.


Mix well 2 tbs of butter, 6oz cream cheese and 1/2 C of truvia baking blend (or sugar—or stevia)

*** fill this in ziploc bag cut tiny corner and push frosting down through the little hole and make small circle dollop on cookie….


Container count: have two of these for a yellow and 2 tsp

Cabquik link to purchase:

Truvia link to purchase:

Blue cheese and spinach burgers with Parmesan Veggies

Blue Cheese Spinach Burgers with A side of Parmesan veggies

1lb of ground beef

1lb ground turkey

1 carton mushrooms chopped

1 -4oz container of crumbled blue cheese

2 eggs

Two heaping handfuls raw spinach

Be sure to chop mushrooms and spinach pretty fine add this with all other ingredients including egg-add a dash of salt, pepper, oregano and parsley – mix well with your hands( be sure egg is mixed well for keeping burgers held together). Patty up into burgers season both sides of pattys with a little season all or salt and pepper  

—grill to your liking!!!!

Parmesan Veggies

Clean and slice 4 large carrots  

Chop up a bag of Brussels sprouts (about two cups)

Clean and cut ends of about 2 Cups of raw green beans

Peel and Dice up a medium butternut squash

Lay vegetables all out on baking sheet covered with parchment paper—top with olive oil until all is lightly coated…..sprinkle about ½ C (more or less depending on preference) of fresh shredded Parmesan cheese—sprinkle with salt, pepper and onion and garlic powder…….note : I use POWDERS instead of salts for less sodium) toss around with hands gently to make sure all are coated……bake at 425 for about 30 minutes or until tender and golden!

Container counts: Have 2 burgers and a heaping CUP full of veggies for 1 red:1blue:1.5green