Why did I gain five pounds in 2 days?????

Very good read for those of you that may have splurged this past weekend…..An email from Beachbody today which might just help u today of all days………
Q: I cheated on my diet. How long will it take to show up on the scale?
The Short Answer:

Probably never and even if it does, it’s most likely temporary fluid retention caused by excess salt or sugar intake. In the extremely unlikely event that you binged so massively over the weekend that you actually gained body fat, there’s nothing you can do about it now, so quit being neurotic and Googling articles like this one — instead, get on with the business of reversing the damage.
The Long Answer:

For the most part, the scale is a lousy indicator of any damage caused by a binge. There are about 3,500 calories in a pound of fat. But before you bust out your abacus, keep in mind that the notion that eating 3,500 calories beyond your normal daily caloric burn (2,000–2,500 calories on average) will automatically cause you to gain a pound of fat doesn’t work. Other factors — including hormone shifts and gut bacteria levels — mean that exact math doesn’t apply. However, unless you have access to thousands of dollars worth of lab equipment, it still serves as a vaguely decent rough estimate for our purposes.
In other words, to gain five pounds of fat over a weekend, you’d need to eat about 33 slices of Marie Callender’s pumpkin pie (with whipped cream) on top of your normal food intake.
I’m sorry, but you just didn’t eat that much last weekend — and if you did, you should consider joining a few Major League Eating competitions because you have some serious cash to earn.
So why did you step on the scale Monday morning to discover you’ve put in a Lincoln’s worth of lbs.? Odds are that it’s probably either temporary fluid retention due to too much salt, or an indication that your muscles are fuel-starved.
The biology on the salt thing is simple. Your body likes to maintain a certain salinity in your extracellular fluid. If you consume too much salt, the salinity goes up, so your body holds on to more water to restore balance. Once you stop consuming all that salt, balance is restored, and the water flushes out.
The fuel-starved muscle thing is a little more complex. Your muscles contain their own internal carb-based fuel source called glycogen. Glycogen also brings water into muscle. When you consistently eat at a calorie deficit, your muscles tend to run low on glycogen — which also means they’re dehydrated. So if you eat at a surplus, your body recharges your glycogen stores, increasing the fluid volume in your muscles, and bringing up the number on the scale.
I know a number of very fit women who claim they can’t eat more than 1,200–1,400 calories a day without gaining weight. While they’re technically correct, odds are that the “weight” they see when they increase calories is actually their glycogen stores being restored. It’s sad because if they actually increased calories with healthy food, they’d probably see a boost in performance because their muscles would be properly fueled.
Chronic dieting aside, there are times when an increase in calories thrown into the middle of a longer period of eating at a calorie deficit might even benefit you. If you’ve been eating at a deficit for a while, your body can slow down your metabolism, slowing weight loss or bringing it to a standstill entirely. Occasionally jacking up the calories may relax this slowdown. This is one of the reasons why people doing our programs sometimes lose a few pounds even after finishing and resuming a higher calorie diet. It can also happen during a recovery phase when someone is eating the same amount but exercising less (therefore burning less calories) and technically creating a smaller overall deficit. In both instances, it’s a sign that they may have been better off eating slightly more the whole time.
That said, I wouldn’t go on a pizza jag just to test this (you can always increase calories in healthier ways), but if a big weekend happens and the number on the scale illogically drops, it’s an indication that you could benefit from slightly increasing your calorie intake.
Regarding the guilt and frustrating you may experience after a binge, the most important thing to remember is that wallowing in remorse is useless unless you have access to a time machine. Every road has the occasional pothole. You’ll still get to where you want to if you shake it off and keep driving.


Oh Monday…….why do we give you such a bad wrap? How come Friday gets all the credit and poor old Monday is just kicked to the curb- like we could take it or leave it, really? I mean, no one ever says “TGI-M” or Woohoo for the WEEK to begin! Yep, Mondays really do get all the bad cred’s…..why though? Well, I guess because we are so excited for Friday because we have worked all week- worked out everyday and ate, for the most part healthy- so on Friday’s we get to relax a little—let our hair down, have some fried fish and a brandy ole fashion….we get to know that for the next two days we are home free!! Saturday is good too- we have off and do fun things with family and friends then Sunday comes and its great full of faith and food and fam again! But then, it comes again, Sunday night—knowing full well that 5 am alarm is going off on Monday morning to start the MONDAY routine again. Now, I guess some of us like Mondays, I actually do, but I used to HATE THEM!! I hated feeling bloated and tired and crappy on Monday mornings—I always overdid it on the weekends and tried to start again on MONDAY……but what if we could change this. What if we could find a way to look FORWARD to Monday?!?!? Would that not be so great??? Well, guess what? We can!! And we will!! Here is my advice to you Manic Monday haters—- Do this…….Find a buddy – find someone like a friend or spouse/partner or even your kids and set a date with them every Monday. Monday after work/school you are going to mix up a MOCKtail—yes a MOCKTAIL (watch the sugar and cals) and you are each going to come to the table with a healthy recipe and ingredients (so two recipes) that will feed both of your families (scroll through my page and find a few) while drinking your Mocktail and having good conversation you are then going to get this meal prep in the oven or on the stove a cookin and you both will bring a 20 minute or less workout to eachother(or pick two from my page) do these workouts together while dinner is going and then when you are complete you either will enjoy your dinner together or you will take both of these made dinners home one to freeze and one to feed your fam. HOW FUN! WHAT a GREAT way to look forward to MONDAY!! YAYY!!

MOCKTAIL MONDAY- MEAL-PREP Monday—MOVE IT MONDAY****LOOK out FRIDAY there is a new favorite day in town and it is called THANK GOODNESS ITS MONDAY!!!

Mocktail: drink my green detox smoothie : 1/2 spinach 1/2c ice 1/2 c cucumber 1/2 c frozen pineapple 1 tsp coconut oil and juice of a lime 1 cup coconut water and little water to top it off and blend great way to detox that weekend out of your system and move into the week!!

Happy Monday folks—make it great—try this—no for real do it…..


It is no secret that I am not perfect. I don’t try to be and I don’t want to be. I strive to be my best self and that’s all I can do. Would you believe that the picture on the right with the yellow shorts I actually weigh LESS than the picture on the left with the blue shorts? It is posing- it is standing up tall and proud and flexing that gives me that look. On the right you can see what I really look like when I slouch over and just let go. I embrace both. That belly did birth four kids. It isn’t about that though. It is all about just knowing that I AM NOT PERFECT and I am ok with it. I do feel better than I have in YEARS…or maybe ever. That has nothing to do with 6 pack abs…It has to do with me working my ass off and not giving up even when it was/is hard. It has to do with me accepting my flaws. It has to do with me being A-OKAY with imperfection.

Sometimes I admit I over do it—sometimes I wear myself out and forget to take breaks. Sometimes I have cookies for dinner. Sometimes I drink Gatorade. Sometimes I have several cheat meals in a week. Sometimes I beat myself up for missing a workout. Sometimes I yell at my kids. Sometimes I yell at the hubby. Sometimes I get ticked off at everyone around me because I am unhappy with myself or a choice I may have made. Sometimes I overextend myself. Sometimes I drink an entire pot of coffee before 10:00. Sometimes I eat cereal for dinner. Sometimes the kids eat mac and cheese twice in a day. Sometimes it is nice outside and I lay on the couch with the kids and watch movies all day. Sometimes I buy things not organic. Sometimes I bribe my kids with fruitsnacks. Sometimes I lock myself in my room and cry. Sometimes I ignore my kids crying and fighting and just make them work it out. Sometimes I run the dishwasher/dryer SEVERAL times in a day. Sometimes I order out lunch and dinner. Sometimes the dogs don’t get walked. Sometimes I get worked up about the smallest things and let it fester in me for days. Sometimes I worry. Sometimes I wonder if I am doing enough. Sometimes I wonder if I am a good mom/wife/sister/cousin/niece/friend/coach/stylist.

At the end of the day though—most of the time I have my sh*t together. I know that MOST of the time, MOST of the things I am doing I do with ALL OF MY HEART AND ALL OF MY SOUL. I am doing the VERY best I can. I live with moderation. I live this life as authentic as I can be. I may not be perfect. But what I am I am damn proud of today, tomorrow and hopefully always. 


If you are trying to be perfect I am NOT the coach for you. But if you want to be the best you that you can be, I am here for you. I would love to help. I have been there….I have been low, like real low…I know how to get out of it, I know how to feel good again. Message me for the next group guys—It could change your life…..It changed mine. It is not about weightloss – it is about living this life to the FULLEST. I want to help you reach YOUR GOALS! #nottoolate #nevertoolate #onelifetolive #makeitthebest #investinyou


#familyfridayGOOD MORNING!! HAPPY FRIDAY!! So, this week I am making a meal for a family member who needed some “comfort food.” Now, I don’t usually make this kind of stuff for the family here unless special occasion, but since I was cooking it already I thought I would just double it up for my family too. Chicken and stuffing and cheesy potatoes! Yum- I don’t know about you but STUFFING is my favorite food ever!! I mean – I could devour the entire pan—so I am thinking “How can I make a healthy version of this?” CAULIFLOWER—it is literally the answer to all of my healthy recipes these days!! SO instead of using all of the bread in the recipe for your homeade stuffing you will just do this…

Microwave or boil a head of cauliflower until tender—lay out on towel and let dry well……chop up good but not riced and mix a little butter with lay it out on a cookie sheet lined with parchment paper and top with some salt pepper and other seasonings you like—bake at 425 until golden…..meanwhile in sauce pan sauté celery, onion garlic and whatever else you like with your stuffing in chicken broth….i added a couple cubes of the condensed broth as well….toast about 4 pieces of bread butter them and chop up—combine bread and roasted cauliflower in the saucepan and mix well….then spread all of this out in baking dish and bake again at 425 for about ½ hour….SO good—you will want to add your own seasonings as well. Listen, Thanksgiving is JUST AROUND the corner this is a GREAT option for an extra side dish or replacement of the stuffing! YUM!!!!!


Self doubt?

Self doubt….SELF……Freaking…..DOUBT…Anyone have it? Anyone struggle with it? I have felt over the years SO much self doubt on so many levels in my life. I have always had this doubt or some could call insecurity to be more blunt. I have had times where I have doubted myself and my decisions so much that I would constantly be asking others opinions on what they thought about things or what they think I should be doing. Really though it is not up to them is it? Why do we constantly seek approval of others to validate what we are doing?

I was totally nailing it guys.. I was totally nailing this mom, wife, hairstylist and coach thing last week. Last Friday night as I laid my head down to rest I thought- wow—this is getting easier….. My schedule is full of great clients my next challenge group is pretty much full—I had the most productive day with the kids and had an amazing dinner ready for Kevin—laundry caught up and cleaning done! Yes!!! I went to bed and slept great!! Then, right when you feel like your just doing great things, BOOM it all crashes down and you feel like you literally are AWEFUL at everything in this life! Like, I totally suck at momming- wifing- styling- coaching- you name it Saturday night I was feeling like a failure! Ever happen to you? Ever feel like you are at the top only to have it all crashing down in a matter of hours? Saturday I woke up late got to work barely on time- was doing great things then had an unhappy customer—I HATE THAT!! I want to be good at everything. Then I got home to have the house that I cleaned all week a mess and the kids were all screaming at the same time—I had nothing ready for dinner and we were all starving. I was tired and cranky from my workday—so what did I do?? I gave into temptation….. I ate like total crap and cried…. I am not exactly sure I can even pinpoint why I was sobbing and eating doughnuts but I was. And both were terrible. I laid in bed and told kevin and the kids I was sick and went to sleep—In fact I was sick! I was sick of this day, I was sick of the crying, I was sick of sucking at my job today and I was sick of these three doughnuts I just devoured…how am I supposed to coach health and fitness, I thought, I just ate a case of doughnuts??? I was at my wits end – wanted to just throw in the towel and quit………but guess what? I woke up the next day with a mind that I was going to CONQUER THE WORLD!!! I did too- I had my mind set that no more pouting about a few bad choices and a few bad moments….pick it up and start again!

It is totally OK to have a bad day guys! Totally ok to wonder if you are doing the right thing– totally ok to self doubt once in a while —–TOTALLY OK….in fact I think it makes me want to go harder strive harder work harder to make it even better than it was before. Woke up- ran 16miles…….came home took kids to church….. made an amazing lunch……. Chatted it out with my unhappy customer making it better……connected with some of my challenge peeps and then found out I moved up a level in my coaching status!! Wooohooo… See as quick as it can come down it can just as easily be picked back up again!

We all have bad days that we doubt what we are doing is right or if we are good at it or if others think we are good—but in fact WE ARE GOOD! We are—even on our days we question our talents….we are still good. It is actually a blessing that we have bad days because it makes the good days SO SO MUCH more rewarding. It makes us strive for more and work to be better …..And for me it puts the KICK IN MY BUTT that I need to push myself even harder on the path of success.!

Happy Day guys!! Happy, happy day!
#kindessnevergoesoutofstyle #werisebyliftingothers

Family Friday!!!!


My friends over at education.com sent this to me and I had to share it with you!!!!! Check there sight out they have so many great ideas for Stay at home moms, moms and TEACHERS!! Yay

Fruit Animals
Got a fussy eater on your hands? Here’s a great way to make fruit appear more appealing, and make eating it a lot more fun, too! Research shows that kids that get involved in the food preparation tend to enjoy eating it more. He’ll use dried and fresh fruit to make a “Fruity Friend”—a creature with an apple face and features made from other fruit types, nuts, seeds, and fruit “leather.” If you wish, you can also sweeten it up a little more with a few candy embellishments.

• 1 mango

• 1 cored apple

• Small pieces of colorful dried fruit

• Slices and pieces of fresh fruit (seeds and skin removed as appropriate

• Nuts

• Seeds

• Fruit “leather”

• Ready-to-use icing (to use as ‘glue’)

What You Do:

Gather all the ingredients and display them on a tray, so your child can easily view the materials that he has available to work with.

Get your child to stick two small pieces of candy onto the apple as “eyes,” using the icing as glue. Invite him to decorate the rest of the creature using the dried fruit. Here are some suggestions: Use mango strips or halved dried apple rings as ears.

• Use fruit leather cut into fine strips as hair.

• Use halved fresh seedless grapes, small nuts, raisins or seeds for eyes.

• Use a peeled, cored halved fresh pear into a mouse! Just add raisin eyes, almonds as ears, and a thin strip of fruit leather as a tail.

• Make a fresh mango hedgehog! Slice a side of mango and cut the flesh in a criss-cross pattern, being careful not to cut through to the skin. Then carefully turn it inside-out to reveal a hedgehog shape. He can also add eyes, a raisin nose, and fruit leather whiskers!
When your child has finished decorating, his fruity creature will be ready to eat!
Again check out 


For a lot of more FUN activities!!

Fill your cup! 

In a conversation I was having the other day I found myself talking…..A LOT. Too much, even. I found I was trying to explain, no, actually I think I was trying to more like justify my “hobby/job.”Hobby: An activity done regularly in one’s leisure time for pleasure.

Job: A paid position of regular employment.

As I look back at the conversation I don’t even think this person really asked me to explain it at all. I am not sure how it started but now looking back I think I was not justifying it to her I think I was saying it out loud for myself to hear. Almost justifying it to….myself. Do you ever feel this way? Like you have to explain why you are doing or did something? When, in fact if they know you and they love you they will already know your heart and your intentions. If you are real and true to yourself and your soul then you will also know your intentions and not need to feel justified- but yet sometimes – we just need the reassurance from loved ones that what we are doing is ok. Sometimes it helps us to hear it..right?

My whole life I have been in the service industry… from waitress to licensed Cosmetologist to a Cosmetology Instructor on to a Group Fitness Instructor. These things all have to do with working with the public. Working with people. Bettering people- making people feel good. With doing this it made and makes me feel good. I am a people person- I get lifted up by being around others.

I never had big dreams of being a stay at home….never. I never, ever imagined I would be- I just didn’t have that desire. I wanted to be a career mom and wife- take my kids to daycare.. come home and be a mom and then back to work the next day. I wanted to have that balance. I knew that I would not be good at home all day all the time- I needed to be with people to help fill my cup. When I became pregnant the plan was not for me to quit my business I worked so hard to build up. That was never the goal or the intention. I am not some amazing women that gave up her life for her kids. Yes, I gave it all up- but not by choice. I had too. Kevin starting a new job at the time and our sitter situation backing out at the last minute- there was no other choice- I had to quit. It just kind of worked out this way. So, please don’t think I am this amazing super mom that found out she was pregnant and said “ok, my career is done now on to mommyhood.” Nope- I didn’t…it just happened. In the process of it all though I did truly learn to love and embrace my days home with my kids.

That all being said I am human. I still need to find ways to fill my cup. Yes, my kids and husband do help with this a lot. I need to have my own thing though. When I found there was a way to do a lot of this from home I decided to go for it. My workouts help me- but I miss group fitness- so when I record them I feel like I am still teaching to people. I have always been into cooking and trying to find ways to make things lighter- so when I discovered I could do videos and share on FB I thought this was great! I love that in the early hours of the morning I can sit in front of my computer and check emails and messages from clients in the peace and quite of my own space and communicate with others. I feel like I have found a way to have my “hobby” be a job that helps pay the bills—but it does NOT feel like a job at all!! I love having clients and customers that I can help from home. It makes me feel like me again. It makes me feel whole and complete. It makes me feel like I have a legit career while being home with my kids. I absolutely LOVE this. I feel I have found a way to work with people the way that I used to but from my own home while raising my kids. I do most of my work when they are sleeping or napping – yes sometimes I do let them watch a show or play independently while I “work”. Here it is though. I know for a fact that someday—very very soon—these kids will be in school full time. Then these kids will be in sports and off to college and then married with families of their own. When this all happens I know that for me to be me and to keep my cup filled I am going to need this. I am going to need something for me- to fall back on when motherhood slows down.

Yesterday Kevin and I went golfing. There was an older gentleman, probably in his 80’s and his daughter behind us. He was good too- like really good. I was thinking to myself, I bet this guy golfed sometimes when his kids were younger. I bet that golfing helped fill his cup and he took time for himself to do this hobby he loved. Now he can still play but now he gets to play with his daughter too. They have something together now that is healthy and makes them both happy. The daughter watched her dad as she grew up doing something healthy for himself and noticing that this made him happy- she then took an interest in this healthy habit and now they get to play together all of these years later. I want this- I want this with my kids. I want them to see there momma and dad doing healthy things that fill up their cups so that they too will develop these healthy habits. I want my girl to go on runs with me when I am in my 50’s. I want my boys to be helpful to there wives in the kitchen as they are watching me in the kitchen now- I know that they are learning. I want them to learn how to garden and live off the land and use clothes lines and how to recycle. How to shut off lights when they leave a room and to shut the water off when they are brushing there teeth. How to put coolers outside when it rains and use that water for the flowers when we need to water again. These things- my mom taught me a lot of these things and I am trying my hardest to hand these habits down to my kids. Most important though- I want them to learn how to fill their own cup up—I want them to learn that when you are happy inside and content with what you are doing it shows on the outside and trickles down to the most important people in your life.

My point is this. DO THINGS THAT FILL YOUR CUP. Healthy things that fill your cup. Things that will better you. When you are bettering you than you are also bettering the ones that you love. It all comes full circle. One day those kids of yours are going to have lives of there own and you want to be able to keep your cup full when they are out filling their’s. It’s good for the soul.