Cookie dough!

Ok so having a hard time eating “normal” ??? Try this!!!

2 1/4 scoop shakeo

1/2 cup peanut butter

1/4 cup honey

2tbs chocolate chips

2tbs pistachios


Scoop and refrigerate or freeze!!


Have 2-3 depend on the size for a yellow ! ( you can eyeball your best guess on size)

Note : might need to melt pb and honey….. have with superfoods coffee

They are serious better than they look!


Tough times

Do I look tired? It’s because I am- I am fricken tired as he##. I am on day 3 of my body working the crap I put it in over the holidays out of my system. That is not why I am tired. I am tired because baby boy was up at 4 am – fine…but the past three nights Duke was up with the flu…so basically I am running on E with NO SLEEP …..before Duke had the flu the whole house was struggling with coughs and colds including myself. I can honestly say that the last FULL night sleep I had (I count full night as 5 plus hours) was for sure Christmas week – maybe. My point ….I am tired and all kinds of crap is going on in this house….sick kids…grumpy mom grumpy hubs…all of it. BUT LISTEN, when the going gets tough…THE TOUGH GET GOING. Sorry I am not going to fill you full of some bullsh*t like- put your workouts and health aside when times are tough….TIMES ARE GOING to be tough- they are…but don’t stop your health because of it…work through that sh*t. OK? Just do- just get up and do it! You wont regret it….. WE ALL HAVE excuses.. we do.. all of us.. we have excuses on why we cant workout or why we cant meal prep – we have excuses on why our life is crazy and hard and what we have been through and are going through…I know- ok – I do….but no matter what you are facing today or what you have faced in the past or what you are about to face in the future…DON’T PUT YOUR SELF ON THE BACK burner- ok.. just don’t. YOU ARE IMPORTANT… are.. so start treating yourself with as much love as you treat your kids and your spouse. OK??? Deal?

NOTE: I know that there are extremes situations that you cant meal prep and workout and take time for you- ok – I know …but if you know me you know what I am saying here….as Kit De Luca would say “take care of you.” (Anyone know that movie?)


LOOKING BACK at some of my motivational write ups for my groups in the past and came across this one . Thought I would share!


WE NEED to start making workout out and meal prepping HABITS – like brushing our teeth and taking a shower….IT HAS TO BE AT THE top of your priority list—it does!! IF YOU DON’T TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF the rest of the things in your life wont happen. You see—YOU must put you first..without our health nothing else matters—I mean yes our kids and families and jobs matter – they do …but if you don’t feel well- that stuff doesn’t get taken care of. TAKING care of YOURSELF is TAKING care of YOUR FAMILY-JOB-SPOUSE-….ok? It just is….Sometimes my passion for this gets tested…there are days that I get belittled—not intentionally – but I do….people think this “little” job of mine is a hobby….It happened to me the other day….where someone said something to me about what I do and as if it was some fun little thing I do and it is so minor in the big picture – I WANTED to say to this person—WITHOUT your HEALTH nothing matters….your money—your intellegence—your job—your important meeting—your this or your that—without your HEALTH non of this will matter…YOU SEE—this is NOT A VANITY thing—when we stop making it about VANITY and TRULY BELIEVE the importance of what we put in our bodies and activity and all of this—when we believe taking care of ourselves is A DAILY TOP priority then this will have positive impacts on our WHOLE life.


So if you are in it to lose weight and look good- that is awesome but really dig down deep and think about why?? Why do you want that—and make sure that you want that for your HEALTH—not for just lookin good ..I mean that is a bonus but lets start our focus this week on INTENTIONALLY thinking about every thing you put in your body—BE sure that what you are eating/drinking is being used to BENEFIT your body—not your taste buds not your temptations – YOUR FOCUS today is to think about why you are eating what you are eating and drinking……is it benefitting me or am I just famished and grabbing it for the sake of eating???? Does this make sense? Are you with me—


BE INTENTIONAL with all that goes in your body- you will be living in this the rest of your life show it respect and show it gratitude

Xoxo, ad


EVER been HANGRY?? Me this morning- grumpy and cant figure out why- I am like super crabby and tired and just blah!! WHATS THE PROB?? I was hungry!! Lol – i had a moment of weak and wanted to just say screw it its Friday- but I didnt instead I made these….

I AM OBSESSED WITH my Shakeo- i am– however I still want you to have go to snack wether you are not my program or not I want you to succeed in life… health….in all of it- so I came up with this little concoction for those of you non shakeo’ers and one day when you are ready to get the 60 plus superfoods in your body you know where to turn !

Here it is….


1tsp of coconut oil with 1 tbs of natural peanut butter


3tbs of coco

2 tbs of powdered peanut butter

1 tsp (a little less) of natural sweetner (truvia maybe)

2tbs of cashew coconut or almond milk

Stir well will be like a brownie batter – scoop in balls and freeze a bit before eating!!

Amaz…..can i say this..balls—lol amazballs ok i said !~


count is…..

Still 1 red 2tsp

NOTE: there are 12 grams of protein in these little guys……but I must say does NOT CONTAIN the 70 superfoods and boost of energy my shakes have 🥗👩‍🌾 but way better than giving into crap !


Caulipower muffins!

I am one to need something sweet after dinner- with this recipe you can have dessert without feeling guilty!

Cauliflower POWER cheesecake

Sneaking veggies and protein into those picky eaters diets!!

1 C mashed cauliflower **

1 C plain nonfat greek yogurt

2 tbs corn starch

1 scoop vanilla vegan superfoods (I can get this for you!)

2 tbs truvia baking blend

2 eggs

1tsp vanilla extract (pure)

**I microwaved a broken up head of cauliflower in glass dish with a little water for 8 minutes- then put in food processor until mashed up into almost like mashed potatoes

Mix cauliflower and greek yogurt well ( I used standing mixer). Add in all the rest of ingredients and mix well. I used mini muffin tin and this made 17 mini cheesecakes…bake 350 for about 20 minutes or until golden.

I topped with 1tsp cashew butter melted and 1tsp of chocolate chips – amazing

Have 4 mini cheesecakes with topping for

1 red


¼ yellow (chocolate chips)

NOTE: my kids LOVED these even plain!!

Why me?

I am holding my youngest son. I am looking out the window to this beautiful snow fall and the rolling hills that my house sets on top. I am seeing the beauty in God’s creation as the birds eat out of the feeders we just filled. I am thinking to myself. How is this possible- how is this possible that I made it here. I look over in the mirror and see an oldish looking woman with wrinkles she didn’t even knew she had. Who is that? This woman I have become. With the wrinkles on my face starting to get a little deeper everyday. How did this, actually, when did this happen? When did I become old? And How the heck did I end up here?

My past…it wont define me. But it wasn’t great. It wasn’t horrible either. It was a lot of, shall I say, trial and error. I tried and did and explored many things. Some good SOME NOT- I remember my mom saying to me “quit that tanning you will regret it when you are old” I said “ I wont care what I look like when I am 30-“ 30 was old in my book. She would say “that smoking will kill you “ I would say “we are all going to die someday.” ( I really don’t think I cared if I died) She would say “adelei, so many nice guys out there when are you going to settle down?” I would say “ I am never getting married and you will just have to deal.” I was so fricken dumb. I was- and no one was going to tell me any different than what I thought was right. I didn’t listen to anyone or anything I just did whatever I wanted whenever the hell I wanted. So, how did I end up here?

As in “here” …I mean this…

A mom of four

A wife

A Christian

A business owner

An entrepreneur

A health coach

A hairdresser

A group fitness instructor

A lover of animals

A lover of the earth

A lover of all -even those who don’t really like me at all(-its fine I can be annoying- I get it)

A homeowner of this beautiful house in the country with a view that takes my breath away everyday

HOW DID I GET SO LUCKY….when my younger years were so messed up. I can honestly say I am asking this because I can not believe I lived this long with some of my poor choices.

But, what I can say is this- I will not let my past define me. I wont… I regret it? Maybe some of it- but mostly I can say NO – because without those trials and those choices….without those “dumb” moves and ridiculous ideas and that unhealthy lifestyle of gluttony …without that – I would NOT be who I am today. So , no I don’t regret it at all. My past has made me who I am…It has. IT wont define me but it made me. Without trials there would be no Victories. Without some pain would be no feeling of joy and content. Without the bad the good would not be known.

It is ok- it is ok if you had a shitty past – you can change- I did. You can change now…it is not and never will be too late to make the change and be the change the world needs. If I can dig myself out of the hole I was in then you surely can too. #faithisnotseeingitsbelieving #Godsgotyourback #sodoi

Thin does not always mean healthy……

I am not going to lie- I used to workout and “try” to be “healthy” to be thin and to look good- that was really it. I just was so vein and thought working out was just to look good in clothing. That was what was most important to me. Now that I have become “older” I realize it is not about Looking good at all. It is about being healthy- being alive- being a role model to children. Not just my kids all kids. I don’t ever want my kids or any kids for that matter to have to deal with weight issues or eating issues or struggle with food. I want them to have a healthy relationship with themselves and with the food they eat. I want them to grow up knowing that food is for fuel and moving your body is what makes us healthy inside and out! That is what it is all about folks… BEING healthy FEELING healthy ENJOYING this life to the fullest. EAT TO LIVE NOT LIVE TO EAT. It is not about “looking” good at all- we want to FEEL GOOD -I have “looked” good on the outside before- I have…been inside- not so much. It is about balance and health. Balance with indulging and balance with workouts- not killing yourself and your body with crazy workouts or crazy out of this world strict meal plans. Just eat good most the time and workout- that is it.

O and drink WATER too!