My friends over at sent this super fun activity to my kids! Stuck inside in the winter can totally make us go a bit stir crazy and have cabin fever— already!! You will want to for sure check this website out for more fun activities that will help you find creative ways to keep your kids using their thinking caps during winter break and keep them occupied indoors!

We did the winter maze as you can see here! This is just one fun example as well! Teachers- you will find lots of ideas as well for students of all ages! Here is a link to this maze ….

Another note on family: Do you have a hard time getting all your kids fruits and veggies in their little bellies? Do you kids experience constipation as well as other possible belly troubles? Do you have some fussy eaters on your hands?? NOT TO WORRY- our company makes SUPERFOODS JUST FOR KIDS!! Ask me about this delicious ALL NATURAL – ORGANIC superfoods powder for your kiddos- along with this we also have 100’s of recipes on our ON DEMAND website that are family friendly AND workouts for your kiddos to enjoy AS WELL as WORKOUTS that are made for the entire FAMILY! That is right- this company not only cares about adult health WE CARE about your whole family!

Here is a great superfoods recipe to try that the whole family will just love…..

CAN YOU SAY healthy treat to pass at school??? #nailedit

Let’s head into the New Year bettering not only ourselves but our whole family!



2 things…need a sweet treat? These protein cookie dough balls are “da bomb” along with your super power coffee- (I can get you the recipe) perfect get up and go week day breakfast for sure! Lots of protein and tastes GREAT will keep you full and energized all morning….


Cookie Dough Protein balls- MAkes about 13

1/2 cup all-natural almond butter

1/4 cup raw honey

1/2 cup finely chopped raw almonds

2 1/4 scoops Vanilla vegan superfoods ( i can get you this!)

2 tbsp mini semi-sweet or dark chocolate chocolate chips

Mix this all together (might have to warm honey and almond butter) roll into balls and i usually store in freezer or fridge!

HUMPDAY Workout– 12 days of CHRISTMAS again….do this and you WONT BE SORRY!!

Make it great!

Xoxo, Ad

want more of this? Do you have big goals for 2018? Message me- #beatthebloat starts Jan. 8! You need to order soon to get your cleanse package and superfoods on time!!

SIGNS YOU ARE LACKING PROTEIN (and how i can help)



Are you a VEGETARIAN trying to find ways to meet your protein needs? Do you get enough protein in even if you are not a VEGETARIAN? Did you know that animal protein is NOT the only way to get protein in your body…on average you should get about .36 grams per pound…this means if you weigh 150lbs your daily protein SHOULD be 54 Grams…..

Signs of NOT GETTING ENOUGH PROTEIN in your diet…

👉Feeling tired all the time

👉Fluid retention

👉Muscle and joint pain

👉Getting sick a lot

👉Brain fog

👉Constant cravings

👉Slow recovery from injury

👉Hair – skin and nail issues (brittle-falls out-peels)

👏Here is A great way to help you meet your needs without animal protein……(which by the way I do eat meat and love meat as well but I don’t base my full protein intake from animals every single day)

Quinoa Taco MEATLESS on a High Protein bagel

Cook 1.5 cups of raw quinoa

Sauté one carton of chopped mushrooms in a pan with some EVOO on medium

Add the cooked quinoa into the pan with the mushrooms and add this season…

1 tbs chili powder

1 ½ tsp paprika

1 tsp garlic powder

2 ½ tsp salt

1 tbs cumin

½ tsp oregano

¼ C water

Mix this well and let simmer about 5-7 minutes

Serve on this protein bagel 👉

Protein—💪30 Grams!!

Add my superfoods VEGAN shake for another 💪16 grams and your total is ALMOST met for the day!!

💥You will start feeling more energy and less bloat with these small changes in your diet daily!


I have said it a million times– I don’t agree with low carb – fat free– keto– or whatever other fad diet is out there- I DO EAT carbs– but i am picky on my carbs as I want the nutritional value to be high if I am going to eat them…BUT SOMETIMES i want a bagel!!! And a normal bagel has essentially NO nutritional value and does NOT keep you full……

Here is a better recipe I have found – taking over my past Fat Head Bagel……I have followed Peace Love and Low Carb and this recipe is based on one of hers but I revised it to fit my needs!

You will need…

2 Cups of either ALMOND FLOUR OR GARBANZO BEAN flour (depends on YOUR NEEDS)

MIx 2 eggs with the flour with hand mixer as best you can

In a microwave safe bowl Microwave 3 CUPS of shredded Mozzarella and 5 TBS of cream cheese for one minute 30 seconds and stir then 1 minute and stir

Mix BOTH OF THESE together with your hand mixer– IT gets STICKY and clumps up so you will have to stop and go to get this mixed all the way……..

This will be very sticky to work with but IT CAN BE DONE……once mixed divide into 6 balls roll out and connect ends to make bagel shape….top with egg wash (just mix one egg and brush this on top) i then also sprinkled everything but the bagel on this.

BAKE on Parchment paper at 425 for about 12 minutes

****NOTE : I totally forgot the baking soda– so they were not fluffy they were dense but I THOUGHT THEY WERE DELICIOUS — if you want fluffier add 1.2 tbs baking soda! And let me know how they are!


The carbs are for sure half of a normal bagel — the fat content is higher BUT the nutritional value is so much better with HIGHER PROTEIN and HIGHER FIBER!!

Worrying will gain you nothing!

Life is too short. Don’t take your days for granted. Hug your loved ones- you never know what could happen. You think you have it bad…someone has it worse. We never know what tomorrow will bring. Live today like it is your last……… I hear this all the time- I say it all the time!

Were people saying this back in the 80’s? Were they? Were they even thinking it? Were people going around telling other’s to learn their lessons and find their purpose and count their blessings? Were people saying #blessed? Were they? I don’t know if they were but from what I remember of the 80’s it was good. It was easy. It was living life free with no worries or cares. Was this the reality of the 80’s or was this the reality of being a child? I was a child in the 80’s and I thought those were the best years ever… mom even says- “best years of her life”- but now thinking of it- she was just a kid too. What was it about back then? Why was it so ….so much easier and why cant it be like that now?

I had several encounters today that were not great. Some negative that I am not used to. Maybe I am not used to it because I don’t leave the house that much-so negativity is foreign to me at this stage in my life. I have to say – in the midst of the conversation I had said to her…’why does being an adult have to be so hard?” Why does it? Why does it have to be so difficult. Why do we have to watch every single thing we say or do in fear that it might be taken the wrong way? Why? Why is it that I get stressed about family gatherings or seeing friends I have not seen in awhile? Why? Why is it that I worry about these crazy things I cant control- like did I read the calendar right for school…is it snack day….was my snack healthy enough….what am I going to take to the party as a dish to pass…..what should I wear….am I too dressed up…..what should I say…did I say the wrong thing to so and so and now they think I am a bitch….. what are other’s thinking about me…..why is their a dead silence in the room…..what if my kid acts out in church and throws a knockdown tantrum and an old guy in front gives me the look of death (note: this happened.)…….what if kevin doesn’t get home safe tonight….what if that lump on my arm is cancer…..what if my mom gets sick…..what if my kids get sick….what if I cant pay my house taxes this year….how come they gave me a weird look…why didn’t they say hi…..i mean I could go on and on…..i could….Why so much worry?

I guess it is because we are living in a world now that is different….it is different then the 1980’s. BUT that doesn’t mean its worse. It is because we are adults now- in the 80’s we were kids…most of us anyway. As we grow we have more responsibilities, more things to consider, yes this is true….but should we WORRY so much? Answer is— WORRYING WILL NOT GAIN YOU ANOTHER DAY ON THIS EARTH….WORRYING WILL NOT MAKE PEOPLE LIKE YOU MORE….WORRYING WILL NOT TAKE SICKNESS AWAY….WORRYING WILL NOT PAY THE BILLS….WORRYING WILL NOT MAKE SURE YOU ARE ON TOP OF EVERYTHING ALL THE TIME……

Matthew 6 :34 “Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.”

This world is not bad- it is not becoming bad and back in the day there were troubles too. You might think that there were not as many issues back than but I can assure you there were problems then too—we were just to young to remember. Now we have kids – we want them to look back at these days as “the good old days” right- because that is all they will ever know and remember from their childhood- is this—this present moment. Let’s make these years good—GOOD FOR THEM and good for you. Together we can- positive thoughts and prayers and spreading the love to all. You might not think your one kind gesture matters- but I can assure you it does. In 20 years from now – I want my kids to say to me- “Mom, remember when we were little how great it was?”….”Yes, honey—those were the best years!”

Take care of you MOMMA

🤔As I sit and write this I am looking at this picture. It says so much- the eyes say so much. I was SO SO happy after giving birth to this little boy (and his sis) But I KNEW I had a LONG road ahead of me—a long one…NOT just about loosing weight—Just a long road in general with being a newer mom with a second set of twins and HOW THE heck am I gonna do all of this- HOW?? I was actually quite terrified in this picture on top. Beau was in the NICU here and we were just praying he would get home soon and thrive….and boy o boy did he ever thrive! He is my biggest boy SO FAR!! I am so blessed – I am….but being a mom (staying at home at that) can be challenging. Not just to take care of the kids but to take care of MYSELF…..see, I used to put myself last…and I am sorry but that was not and does not work.. WE NEED TO PUT OURSELVES at the top of priorities mommas because without us nothing else goes! Take care of you—IT WAS THE BEST investment I have ever made. Once I started taking care of me – it had a trickle effect—to my husband and to my kids and now even to MY momma and my sisters! It has been the absolute best decision I have ever made. LET ME HELP YA get started on this journey- and stick by your side the whole way until you too will be teaching others!!

I am here- LETS GET YA signed up asap for the NEW YEAR…..what will your 2018 goals be?? Mine are to be my best self in return – I will be giving my best self to those I LOVE THE MOST!

Message me for the next 21 day challenge! WE WILL BE STARTING off with a kickstart CLEANSE !! I have a great deal for you RIGHT NOW!! You have 30 minutes a day to change your life? I KNOW YOU DO!

Reach out now so you don’t have to think about it during the holidays!! Then we will be ready to ROCK 2018!

💪if not now when?? ❤️ yourself as much as you love those around u

NOTE: top picture May of 2016– bottom pic June of 2017



25 things to do INSTEAD OF snack after dinner (unless you planned for a snack of course)

1. Turn off the lights in kitchen and say KITCHEN IS CLOSED

2. Drink peppermint tea (caffeine free)

3. Paint your nails

4. Read a motivating book (Shoe dog is a great favorite of mine!)

5. Write down your goals—read this every night- write down why they are you goals and what you will do when you conquer your goals

6. Write in a journal- about your day- your week – your year

7. Write in a prayer journal- 3 things your thankful for and 2 people to pray for

8. Watch your tv shows (do sit-ups during commercials)

9. Do my plank challenge (I can send it to you!)

10. Chew on ice chunks

11. Drink 8-16 oz of Ice water

12. Sip on warm lemon water

13. Do yoga stretches

14. Call your bestie

15. Do this- 50 squats: 50 sit-ups : 25 pushups (repeat 3x)

16. Read to your kids or play a game with your significant other

17. Start a blog

18. Soak your feet in hot water with peppermint essential oils

19. Take a bath in lavender oils

20. TALK to your family about their day

21. Walk right after dinner (even on the treadmill- I sometimes ride my exercise bike just slowly- did this mainly when I was prego- right after dinner)

22. Play an instrument (if you have one—or just try playing one that is in the house!)

23. Write in your planner your workouts for the week

24. Write down your meals for tomorrow



NOTE: wrote this to myself 🙂