How to afford a Healthy Lifestyle on a budget!

People ask me all the time “How do you guys get by?”Four kids, two dogs and I am essentially a stay at home mom. I can see why people ask and wonder. So, basically I was not always this frugal, I guess you could call it. When I was working full time I made quite a good living but I also SPENT a lot of money! So when we became pregnant with twins and made the decision that I would be a SAHM we had to CUT out a ton of unneccesary spending. What did we do? Sold our brand new home- sold our two brand new vehicles- sold our camper. All of this added up to be a substantial savings. Now people ask me how do you afford to live a healthy lifestyle on one income? 

*We drive old paid off vehicles- Kevin drives a 96 Malibu and i have a 2010 sienna that is dented in the side and has 100000 miles on it.

*I take hand me downs- not just for my kids for myself- my financially fortunate cousins give me bags and bags of clothes and I feel so excited I tell them its like i won the lottery when they clean out there closets!

* Most of my kids “new” clothing and shoes are from walmart

* I do 95 percent of my grocery shopping at ALDI! Including diapers. honestly there produce is SO much better than other big name stores

* We NEVER eat out unless special occasion – like Saturday’s maybe a Culver’s or Pizza Hut meal and it is a major deal to the kids when we do!

* My washer and dryer recently broke I now have a dryer from my aunts old farmhouse that is like 30 years old and works like a dream!! (Thanks Kay)

* if we cant pay for it in cash – we don’t buy it

* we have a garden and I can and freeze for winter months

See, I make cuts where i feel we can but I will absolutely NOT make cuts on what goes INSIDE mine and my families bodies- I save on these other areas so I can spend a little more on our health, fitness and well being.

Hope this is helpful to you!!

Busy mom- how she gets it in!

People ask me all the time- how do you get your workouts in? How do you have time or energy with four kids under the age of three to get your workouts in…. answer– I don’t have the time or the energy. I fake it sometimes– I just keep going- Sometimes, it takes me all morning to get one workout in. Sometime I am SO fricken tired because 3 of the 4 kids were up the entire night that the last thing I want to do is a workout. But I just do it! I do sh*t that I don’t want to do A LOT in this life. I do sh*t that I don’t want to do– that is pretty much what all moms are doing. Am i right. we do sh*t we don’t want to do. I don’t want to get up at midnight, three and 5 but I do… I don’t want to cook breakfast lunch and dinner for four kids and a husband and at the end of the day the dogs ate most of it off the floor- but i do…. I don’t want to walk the dogs at 8:30 at night when my husband gets home from work who by the way left at 8 am but i do it…. and I sure as hell don’t want to pick my tired ass up and do jumping jacks to a video and edit it 67 times before posting it but I do it– why ? Because – because without these commitments my life would be meaningless- it would be pointless…. It would mean nothing. I chose these commitments– I chose these kids, this husband, these dogs this page– I chose it and even when I don’t “feel like it” I just do. I just do because at the end of the day I LOVE every bit of it– even on the days that I don’t. I love the reward I feel after doing 50 burpees and 14 sets of 35 jumping jacks… I love the fact that I have these kids to feed and these dogs to walk and this husband who works 12 hour days just so I can stay home, I love this page and the people who read it! I do– I really do love this life that God gave me- and even on the tough days — I still remember I was given this life and I will be damned if I gonna give up on it. Just keep going momma! You got this 😉 or poppa too.
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What’s it gonna be WEDNSDAY!!

WHATS IT GONNA BE WEDNSDAY!!!#turbojam #cauliflowerpatties

Change those dinner time carbs into a veggie with these cauliflower patties!! So delicious and I use them as my “bun” or my “taco shell” or whatever else you like! Last night I put some fish on them and it was amazing!

Microwave a head of cauliflower for about 8 minutes with just a splash of water. Lay it out on a tea towel and get as much of the moisture as you can out of it. Mash it up into small pieces (not too riced though that is too small) stir in a couple tablespoons of Carbquik (ask me if unsure what this is) add and egg PLUS one egg white (helps it hold) a few tablespoons of Feta cheese or Parmesan cheese ( I choose these cheeses because they are lower in fat and cals) Mix all together until the egg has fully coated and place on parchement paper bake at 425 for about 7 minutes then flip if and bake 7 more or until golden or if you forget to flip about 15 minutes all together. Enjoy immediatly or store in fridge!! Small changes in your diet eventually lead to BIG changes!! 

Turbo Jam for the workout– do each 3 times through and tell me that’s not a KILLER and oh so fun!!!

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