ANXIETY! Does anyone have it?? Do you know that more people than you even have any idea have anxiety. Do you know when people seem stand offish or snotty or rude it almost 99% of the time has nothing to do with you it has to do with their anxiety. I know I had it BAD to the point where I couldn’t sleep at night. I was constantly wondering whatothers were thinking and did I say something to make them mad do they not like how I styled their hair are they not getting anything out of this workout or how about anxiety about your kids or your spouse or what others are saying about you behind your back??? Does this sound familiar? It’s an aweful way to live you guys …. aweful…… now i am not saying weight loss takes away anxiety… it doesn’t. but you know what does wipe it out completely…. feeling good inside!!!!! That’s it … that is the ticket..it is such a freeing way to live!… u feel good about yourself and your choices and habits in your life and you will not be worried one bit about what others think. You will confidently do your thing without others opinion. You guys we absolutley have to stop placing OUR value on others. Our value is on us…. YOU ARE VALUABLE not by what job you have or clothes you wear or not by what car you drive …. you are valuable all on your own. Invest in you and feel good about you because that is the most important when you feel good about your self on the inside all things will fall into place. I guarantee it!!! 

Fam and Fishin

#familyfridayOk, fishing…. maybe some of you do it maybe you don’t but I highly recommend this sport for your family….. boys or girls!!!! They had SO much fun last weekend fishing! It is such a great family bonding time and yes mama you can hook that bait…. I did! Try it out and what’s more fun is taking the catch home and teaching the kiddos how to cook up their catch. What an amazing feeling of accomplishment for you and for them! We have to teach them young you guys– they soak it ALL in right now! We even put a fake fishy on the end when we are home and they fish off the deck for hours!!! They love practicing casting and bringing it in and I love that they are entertaining themselves for a bit #amiright

Cauliflower casserole: this is a great way to feed the whole fam …. who doesn’t love a comfort food casserole? But all of those seem to contain a crapload of carbs and cheese so here is a delicious way to slim it down without losing taste…

Microwave head of cauliflower cut up a bit for 8 minutes with about 1/4 cup water …. drain and lay out on tea towel to dry out completely

Mash it up well but not mashed potatoe style more like chunks-

Brown a pound of lean ground beef

Sauté green peppers onions and mushrooms and maybe green beans (fresh) in olive oil until tender 

Mix all of this together with one egg and a few tbs of carbquick, ONE CAN of cream of mushroom soup, a few tbs of almond milk and about 1/4 C of shredded Parmesan or mozzarella

Put this all in casserole dish and sprinlkle another 1/4-1/2 cup of the cheese

Bake 350 for about 30-45 minutes until golden…. enjoy— it tastes like a noodley, ricey cheesey dish but it’s not. #noodley #ricey #thosernotwords #iknow #itsfine​

Baking Healthier!

#Q&AThursday———Baking Healthier??
Hi Addie!

First, I am really enjoying your daily videos and post! Thanks for the inspiration and motivation. 

I was wondering if you could give me a list of a few healthy options to have in my pantry for cooking/baking. I think you use coconut flour instead of flour. I hope my question makes sense. 

Thanks in advance!

Great Question SaBrina! Thank you…..

Ok, so here is a pic of some stuff that I cook and bake with….Almond Flour and Carbquick – I always use in place of flour….Coconut sugar or Truvia baking blend or Stevia drops or honey in place of Sugar….I cook with natural Olive Oil Spray ( I spray on veggies when I sauté them or basically on anything I would use olive oil on) Sometimes I use actual Olive oil depending on what it is. I am always looking and finding healthier alternatives for dinners that look amazing but want to scale back the cals so instead of rice or noodles I use cauliflower rice (frozen vegetable section) instead of Ranch I use Bolthouse farms yogurt based Ranch dressing– Instead of sour cream I use nonfat Greek plain yogurt– I do use real butter though– or clarified butter I dont usually substitute butter—I use Almond or cashew milk instead of regular Milk with certain things too! 

Hope this helps!!!




#whatsitgonnabwednsdayYa know what’s good? Freedom— Freedom is so good! All kinds of freedom. Freedom of our nation of course- thank you to all who fight for it and who have fought for it. Freedom of religion- freedom of speech. Sometimes we forget about how lucky we are to have such freedoms.

There are all kinds of freedoms……even freedom of how we look and feel in our bodies, freedom of the foods we eat. We have a choice to decide if we want the freedom to feel good and feel confident in our bodies— we have the freedom to chose the right foods to put inside of us to make us feel healthy inside and out! Just because you may be feeling like you dont have that freedom today- its not too late to take control of that freedom. We are so fortunate to live in a country that has the resources to make living a healthy lifestyle possible. Take advantage of these things and live your life to the fullest. I dont care if you are 25 or 65 it is not too late to make a change- to feel the freedom of putting on anything in your closet and look and feel amazing– freedom to enjoy that cookout and that cocktail in moderation and not have any regrets! YOU HAVE A CHOICE- it is not ever too late to make a change for the better!! Happy 5th of July- happy summer– happy day!! Wake up today and make it better than the day before!

Standing ABS

Repeat three time


Get your veggies in !!!

Half your body weight in water !!!

Debloat smoothie !!! I added BB energize to mine and it was amazing (ask me)

1/2c frozen pineapple

1/2c cucumber

Handful spinach

Juice of lime

2 tsp coconut oil

8oz coconut water

4 oz water

Blend until juice!!

Working momma!– thank u


Addie, How do you stay healthy workout and make good choices being a working mother/father??

Thanks for any advice- Karen from Stoughton
ok thanks Karen for the questions..my answer…

I have no Fricken clue how you guys do it!! You working parents are my heros!! I don’t usually work out of the home or if i do leave kevin is home and i am not gone for that long. Yesterday I got a taste of what you guys dealing with being in a career and being a parent and a spouse. I left the house yesterday at 9:30 am and went to work and did not get home until 9:30pm. I am exhausted– I was exhausted last night when I got home and was not able to eat dinner yet– yes I had my two shakes that day and that held me over great and gave me the energy to get through my day but I tell ya when I got home I literally wanted to grab a bag of chips and lay in bed and watch Bravo. I can see now how you are too tired, too busy I get it now– holy cow do i get it….your boss, children and husband/wife should give you a metal and THANK YOU every single day for what you all do! It is crazy…… I couldn’t do it– I couldn’t. I believe God gives you only what you can handle and I know he knew I would not be able to handle being a working mother- nope……..Today I feel as though someone beat the crap out of me- I tried to workout this morning and I had NO energy what so ever. I am still wanting to grab comfort food on this rainy day and watch movies with the kids all day and just veg out on the couch– its 8:30 am and I feel like its 8:30 pm. I am just off today– off…..the moral of this story is A.) you working parents , like I said before are AMAZING… and B.) Life is gonna throw us these days, these crazy crazy days that we just dont want too– we dont want to work, workout, eat healthy, be and adult…. and thats is ok– embrace those days… life is too short to be pissed off at these days you are just not feeling it- just take it all in and just be. Tomorrow is a new day!! It’s a Wedsnday today and I so badly want it to be a Saturday because that is my “cheat meal” day– but its not and if I really want that cheat meal today I am gonna have it– but. I will tell you this– before I make a bad choice I am going to get in my shakes and all my veggies FIRST– then I will reevaluate the situation…..

I did not grab a bag of chips last night and lay in bed watching Bravo– I had a bowl of veggie soup– 2 egg muffins and a salad.. i had a little halo top ice cream while doing some reading… I am proud that I did not give in to the temptations because today I do feel good about that at least…. My old self would have given in– I would have and i would have got up today feeling so much regret and bloated and miserable and tired that I would have threw in the towel for the week and started again on Monday! But not now– No- I know how my old ways work and how I felt and how things NEVER changed…nothing is going to change for the better unless you make a change. So you have a cheat meal– heck a cheat day….get up the NEXT DAY THE NEXT MEAL and start fresh– dont wait till Monday dont wait till vacation is over dont wait until summer is done— DO IT NOW!!

I can help 🙂

Happy day friends!! 

#werisebyliftingothers #kindnessnevergoesoutofstyle


#tmiWow! Another year– it is crazy how the years go so so fast! 36 years old—-36…. I am sitting here thinking about the past 6 birthdays for me- what I was doing, where we were at in our lives. Since turning the big 3-0 what has all happened?!! I remember each birthday like they were yesterday, how I was thinking and how I was feeling.

30th Birthday- Went do dinner with some friends, woke up hungover and not pregnant

31st Birthday- Camping with family and got completely drunk and said horrible things to people woke up hungover throwing up all day– still not pregnant

32nd Birthday- Went camping just me and Kevin did a beer crawl on the golf cart– totally drunk woke up in the camper – no idea how we got there- hungover –decided I am SICK OF THIS- called my cousin Amanda she said its time …you can spend 20,000 dollars on a new vehicle or 20,000 dollars on something you want more than anything in the world. I will never forget that conversation that day with her– it changed my life!!! – still not pregnant

33rd Birthday- Woke up with two new babies that were about two months old– feeling amazing and so grateful and happy to be there momma! (What a difference a year can make)

34th Birthday- Woke up feeling so very blessed and aging didn’t bother me one bit as I was so happy at where my life had lead me

35th Birthday- Woke up with 2- 2 year olds and 2- 7 week old babies. Life was complete! Life was good. And busy at that!

36th Birthday- Woke up today feeling like I was so excited to get out of bed- I don’t care how old I am- I feel better now than I ever have ! I feel better at 36 than 26!! This is good– this is so so good- this life- my hubs is home my 2- 3 year olds are singing to me and my 2- 1year olds well they are just not crying at the moment so its a win win right now 🙂

My life– the past 6 years– I have been through some crap and I was very unhappy in those early 30’s to make me act the way that I did. When you are not at good place in your life it shows and when you are at a GREAT place in your life it shows too!



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How to afford a Healthy Lifestyle on a budget!

People ask me all the time “How do you guys get by?”Four kids, two dogs and I am essentially a stay at home mom. I can see why people ask and wonder. So, basically I was not always this frugal, I guess you could call it. When I was working full time I made quite a good living but I also SPENT a lot of money! So when we became pregnant with twins and made the decision that I would be a SAHM we had to CUT out a ton of unneccesary spending. What did we do? Sold our brand new home- sold our two brand new vehicles- sold our camper. All of this added up to be a substantial savings. Now people ask me how do you afford to live a healthy lifestyle on one income? 

*We drive old paid off vehicles- Kevin drives a 96 Malibu and i have a 2010 sienna that is dented in the side and has 100000 miles on it.

*I take hand me downs- not just for my kids for myself- my financially fortunate cousins give me bags and bags of clothes and I feel so excited I tell them its like i won the lottery when they clean out there closets!

* Most of my kids “new” clothing and shoes are from walmart

* I do 95 percent of my grocery shopping at ALDI! Including diapers. honestly there produce is SO much better than other big name stores

* We NEVER eat out unless special occasion – like Saturday’s maybe a Culver’s or Pizza Hut meal and it is a major deal to the kids when we do!

* My washer and dryer recently broke I now have a dryer from my aunts old farmhouse that is like 30 years old and works like a dream!! (Thanks Kay)

* if we cant pay for it in cash – we don’t buy it

* we have a garden and I can and freeze for winter months

See, I make cuts where i feel we can but I will absolutely NOT make cuts on what goes INSIDE mine and my families bodies- I save on these other areas so I can spend a little more on our health, fitness and well being.

Hope this is helpful to you!!