People ask me all the time- how do you get your workouts in? How do you have time or energy with four kids under the age of three to get your workouts in…. answer– I don’t have the time or the energy. I fake it sometimes– I just keep going- Sometimes, it takes me all morning to get one workout in. Sometime I am SO fricken tired because 3 of the 4 kids were up the entire night that the last thing I want to do is a workout. But I just do it! I do sh*t that I don’t want to do A LOT in this life. I do sh*t that I don’t want to do– that is pretty much what all moms are doing. Am i right. we do sh*t we don’t want to do. I don’t want to get up at midnight, three and 5 but I do… I don’t want to cook breakfast lunch and dinner for four kids and a husband and at the end of the day the dogs ate most of it off the floor- but i do…. I don’t want to walk the dogs at 8:30 at night when my husband gets home from work who by the way left at 8 am but i do it…. and I sure as hell don’t want to pick my tired ass up and do jumping jacks to a video and edit it 67 times before posting it but I do it– why ? Because – because without these commitments my life would be meaningless- it would be pointless…. It would mean nothing. I chose these commitments– I chose these kids, this husband, these dogs this page– I chose it and even when I don’t “feel like it” I just do. I just do because at the end of the day I LOVE every bit of it– even on the days that I don’t. I love the reward I feel after doing 50 burpees and 14 sets of 35 jumping jacks… I love the fact that I have these kids to feed and these dogs to walk and this husband who works 12 hour days just so I can stay home, I love this page and the people who read it! I do– I really do love this life that God gave me- and even on the tough days — I still remember I was given this life and I will be damned if I gonna give up on it. Just keep going momma! You got this 😉 or poppa too.

Old school!

Did you know that our ancestors did not eat every two hours? Did you know that they did not eat low carb, low fat low this and low that diets? No, they didn’t and can you look back at pictures from the old days and see how most of them are not overweight- in fact this was not a problem really at all. They worked hard and they ate when they were hungry. They actually practiced intermittent fasting before any of us even knew or heard about it. Here is the thing you guys- eating Paleo, Keto, Atkins, low fat, whole 30 this that and the other, thats all fine and great but that does not work for everyone. As it may work for some- it doesnt work for all. We are all different and unique – we all have different genes, metabolism and lifestyles. We have to customize our eating to what works for US!! No pills, no wraps- no restrictions you guys.Just REAL food when we are hungry. It is true in my groups that I try to tell them to eat every couple hours but that is only because that is what most are used to and I dont want them to be starving all day long and then just quit– i want them to take babysteps into a new lifestyle change. Not cut things out and cut things off cold turkey- that is not healthy for anyone. We need to be feeling HUNGER and we need to be eating REAL food and be ACTIVE……..period the end. We need to understand portion control and how much of what we should eat daily to give us the most energy– ALL kinds of foods– fruits veggies carbs meat fats all of it— not just this or that….not low fat or fat free….no fake sugars and fake anything you guys!!! Let’s take it back to the old days where we ate when we were hungry – ate real food- and didn’t diet. I want to talk to you so much more about all of this– if you want to know more- please ask… might be more affordable than you think— I do the Shakes for an easy, natural WHOLE food that I can get in my body full of all the vitamins and minerals I need — because its easy and because it is real— you dont want to have the nutrients of a salad in a desert– fine…there are other things you can do to be a part of this motivational club– JUST ASK!

Everyday I’m hustlin



All I want to say is this….

If you are a goal setter or an Entrepreneur, or you want more out of something, your job, your life– whatever- you have a goal on your heart. I want to say…go for it! Go for your dream no matter what people say, no matter who brings you down or who might think you are crazy- just keep going, ok? Keep going, because without a dream and without a goal, you have nothing. You have to start from somewhere. I just really encourage you today to remember that what other people think about you is none of your business. I want you to have a heart of a queen  and a mind of a hustler. Get out there. Put yourself out there- and dont worry about anything else.  Just worry about yourself and that goal. You know, you know what you want- and you know if you want it bad enough. Work hard for it. Don’t let others judge you- dont let others bring ya down. People are gonna say things and they dont even know that it is hurting you- what they say- they really dont even know. They might think your “little dream” your “little goal” it might just be this little, fun little thing you are doing. They dont realize that this is your heart and this is something you are passionate about. So, just keep doing it- and one day those people will realize -ok- that this is something that you were really meant to do. So, if you are an entrepreneur or you want to start a small business- or heck, if you want to run a marathon- I really strongly recommend that you find someone else that has those same goals and you encourage eachother. You can feed off of one another. Have a partner in this goal. That is just my tip for you today.  I just know that there are so many of you out there that want more- and have these things on your heart and in your mind…. just go for it! Just try it and if you fail- ok you tried, but what if you dont fail?! What if you succeed??!!




ANXIETY! Does anyone have it?? Do you know that more people than you even have any idea have anxiety. Do you know when people seem stand offish or snotty or rude it almost 99% of the time has nothing to do with you it has to do with their anxiety. I know I had it BAD to the point where I couldn’t sleep at night. I was constantly wondering whatothers were thinking and did I say something to make them mad do they not like how I styled their hair are they not getting anything out of this workout or how about anxiety about your kids or your spouse or what others are saying about you behind your back??? Does this sound familiar? It’s an aweful way to live you guys …. aweful…… now i am not saying weight loss takes away anxiety… it doesn’t. but you know what does wipe it out completely…. feeling good inside!!!!! That’s it … that is the is such a freeing way to live!… u feel good about yourself and your choices and habits in your life and you will not be worried one bit about what others think. You will confidently do your thing without others opinion. You guys we absolutley have to stop placing OUR value on others. Our value is on us…. YOU ARE VALUABLE not by what job you have or clothes you wear or not by what car you drive …. you are valuable all on your own. Invest in you and feel good about you because that is the most important when you feel good about your self on the inside all things will fall into place. I guarantee it!!! 

Fam and Fishin

#familyfridayOk, fishing…. maybe some of you do it maybe you don’t but I highly recommend this sport for your family….. boys or girls!!!! They had SO much fun last weekend fishing! It is such a great family bonding time and yes mama you can hook that bait…. I did! Try it out and what’s more fun is taking the catch home and teaching the kiddos how to cook up their catch. What an amazing feeling of accomplishment for you and for them! We have to teach them young you guys– they soak it ALL in right now! We even put a fake fishy on the end when we are home and they fish off the deck for hours!!! They love practicing casting and bringing it in and I love that they are entertaining themselves for a bit #amiright

Cauliflower casserole: this is a great way to feed the whole fam …. who doesn’t love a comfort food casserole? But all of those seem to contain a crapload of carbs and cheese so here is a delicious way to slim it down without losing taste…

Microwave head of cauliflower cut up a bit for 8 minutes with about 1/4 cup water …. drain and lay out on tea towel to dry out completely

Mash it up well but not mashed potatoe style more like chunks-

Brown a pound of lean ground beef

Sauté green peppers onions and mushrooms and maybe green beans (fresh) in olive oil until tender 

Mix all of this together with one egg and a few tbs of carbquick, ONE CAN of cream of mushroom soup, a few tbs of almond milk and about 1/4 C of shredded Parmesan or mozzarella

Put this all in casserole dish and sprinlkle another 1/4-1/2 cup of the cheese

Bake 350 for about 30-45 minutes until golden…. enjoy— it tastes like a noodley, ricey cheesey dish but it’s not. #noodley #ricey #thosernotwords #iknow #itsfine​

Baking Healthier!

#Q&AThursday———Baking Healthier??
Hi Addie!

First, I am really enjoying your daily videos and post! Thanks for the inspiration and motivation. 

I was wondering if you could give me a list of a few healthy options to have in my pantry for cooking/baking. I think you use coconut flour instead of flour. I hope my question makes sense. 

Thanks in advance!

Great Question SaBrina! Thank you…..

Ok, so here is a pic of some stuff that I cook and bake with….Almond Flour and Carbquick – I always use in place of flour….Coconut sugar or Truvia baking blend or Stevia drops or honey in place of Sugar….I cook with natural Olive Oil Spray ( I spray on veggies when I sauté them or basically on anything I would use olive oil on) Sometimes I use actual Olive oil depending on what it is. I am always looking and finding healthier alternatives for dinners that look amazing but want to scale back the cals so instead of rice or noodles I use cauliflower rice (frozen vegetable section) instead of Ranch I use Bolthouse farms yogurt based Ranch dressing– Instead of sour cream I use nonfat Greek plain yogurt– I do use real butter though– or clarified butter I dont usually substitute butter—I use Almond or cashew milk instead of regular Milk with certain things too! 

Hope this helps!!!




#whatsitgonnabwednsdayYa know what’s good? Freedom— Freedom is so good! All kinds of freedom. Freedom of our nation of course- thank you to all who fight for it and who have fought for it. Freedom of religion- freedom of speech. Sometimes we forget about how lucky we are to have such freedoms.

There are all kinds of freedoms……even freedom of how we look and feel in our bodies, freedom of the foods we eat. We have a choice to decide if we want the freedom to feel good and feel confident in our bodies— we have the freedom to chose the right foods to put inside of us to make us feel healthy inside and out! Just because you may be feeling like you dont have that freedom today- its not too late to take control of that freedom. We are so fortunate to live in a country that has the resources to make living a healthy lifestyle possible. Take advantage of these things and live your life to the fullest. I dont care if you are 25 or 65 it is not too late to make a change- to feel the freedom of putting on anything in your closet and look and feel amazing– freedom to enjoy that cookout and that cocktail in moderation and not have any regrets! YOU HAVE A CHOICE- it is not ever too late to make a change for the better!! Happy 5th of July- happy summer– happy day!! Wake up today and make it better than the day before!

Standing ABS

Repeat three time


Get your veggies in !!!

Half your body weight in water !!!

Debloat smoothie !!! I added BB energize to mine and it was amazing (ask me)

1/2c frozen pineapple

1/2c cucumber

Handful spinach

Juice of lime

2 tsp coconut oil

8oz coconut water

4 oz water

Blend until juice!!